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Bee--(1) Any insect of the families Prospidae, Colletidae, Megachillidae, Xylocopidae, Ceratinidae, Nomadidae, Andrenidae, Anthophoridae, Bomidae, or Apidae.
Your bees could belong to the family Anthophoridae.
Among the roughly 540 nonparasitic representatives of the Central European apoid fauna, thirteen species belonging to seven taxonomic groups out of the families Halictidae, Megachilidae, and Anthophoridae possess this kind of pollen-harvesting device.
Communal associations among nestmates are known to occur in diverse lineages of bees, including the Hylaeinae, Nomiinae (Wcislo 1993), Halictinae [especially the Agapostemon complex and Australian species (Knerer and Schwarz 1976)], Andrenidae, Oxaeidae, Anthophoridae (especially Exomalopsini, Eucerini and Xylocopinae) and Megachilidae (Michener 1974; Eickwort 1981), as well as some sphecid (Crabroninae and Philanthinae; Evans et al.
Pollination of lowbush blueberry by Anthophora pilipes villosula and Bombus impatiens (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae and Apidae).