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United States dancer and choreographer (born in England) (1909-1987)


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Their mother, Lesley, said Daniel "gave everything for his brother, all his time was spent with him" FAMILY Lesley Ridge, from Longbenton, with her son Daniel and Foster son Anthony Tudor.
Three years later she opened what would become a highly influential ballet school and her students included such dancers and choreographers as Sir Frederick Ashton, Anthony Tudor and John Kranko.
More than 88 ballets are featured in its repertory, works created by a roster of world-class choreographers including George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, Frederick Ashton, Anthony Tudor and John Cranko (whose "Romeo and Juliet" they are staging this season) as well as such 19th century classics as "Giselle," "Coppelia" and "Don Quixote.
Denis, Paul Draper, Frederic Franklin, Doris Humphrey, Martha Graham, Agnes de Mille, Barton Mumaw, Lisa Parnova, Ted Shawn, Charles Weidman, Paul Haakon, Lucia Chase, Annabelle Lyon, Nora Kaye, Hugh Laing, Nina Strogonova, and Anthony Tudor.
In any case, she had by then probably already grown accustomed to my praising her with faint damns (she was, incidentally, very aware of the what and the who of everything written about her, but surprisingly seemed less sensitive to criticism than do many artists who are far less surface-prickly), because from the time I encountered her choregraphy--Tally-Ho and Three Virgins, when Ballet Theater first came to London in 1946--I had been rather less than underwhelmed by it, regarding it as well crafted but derivative (for example, from Eugene Loring in Rodeo--an influence disputed by the Mille--and from Anthony Tudor and Martha Graham in Fall River Legend).