Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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In many ways nature seemingly designed Anthony Charles Lynton Blair to be a modern Anglican bishop in a desirable Cathedral city in the South of England (perhaps Wells with the medieval Bishop's Palace girted by a moat or Salisbury with its spire soaring over an exquisite close) watering down ancient dogmas in thin paperback books in an 'outreach' to other 'traditions'.
One view emerged strongly: there appears to be something worryingly adrift in the mind of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, a man who doesn't really know who or what he is,' it said.
When he arrived at the Commons, James Gordon Brown was famously allocated a tiny, windowless office which he shared with another new member, one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair - `Tony' Blair.
As Saddam Hussein (who most certainly has it) continues to count the cost of Operation Desert Fox, the British people are discovering whether Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is a Prime Minister who wears it easily - "IT" being the mantle of strong leadership.
So it's back to the future with Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and William Ewart Gladstone.
Born in Edinburgh on May 6, 1953, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was educated at Durham Choristers, Fettes College in Edinburgh, known as the Eton of Scotland, and Oxford University, where he studied law.
You conveniently forgot about Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, who, more than any other politician, used the PFI to persuade his voters he was leading them to the promised land.
That it was the constituency of one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair MP?
A form letter from Northumbrian Water addressed to "Mr C L Blair" his full name is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair notes: "We appreciate that you may be experiencing some financial difficulties.
Certainly we should be grateful for Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.