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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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En Gran Bretana la controversia sobre una nueva ley que autorizo a las universidades publicas a aumentar la colegiatura anual --entre 2003 y 2006 pasara del equivalente de 20,800 pesos a poco mas de 55,000-- casi le costo el puesto al primer ministro Anthony Blair, pero a despecho de las protestas estudiantiles el gobierno no dio marcha atras.
Se dieron a conocer saqueos permitidos, crueldades con los prisioneros y se pusieron al descubierto las falsedades dichas tanto por la administracion Bush como por la de Anthony Blair.
Alone in the Universe - delivered by Kevin Chamberlin and the likable youngster Anthony Blair Hall-is a soaring anthem that brings to mind "Our Time" from Merrily We Roll Along.
The Master of the Newlabour Hunt, the Rt Hon Anthony Blair, has made it clear, in a surprise TV announcement, that this is the only way to prevent the appalling loss of foxes in our woods and fields.
Head wrapped in a turban synonymous with the Bobo Ashanti branch of the Rastafarians, he was born Keith Anthony Blair - no, not that Tony - in Trelawny; his religious upbringing honed his singing.
The internationally respected University of Wales was effectively destroyed when a former polytechnic and various further education colleges were admitted; and Anthony Blair decided most of the population should go to university, which has resulted in the situation where only richer students can afford the fees and only 12 or so British universities are considered internationally first rate, none of them in Wales.
Did Margaret Thatcher and Anthony Blair have to get their advisers to peel bananas for them lest the paparazzi catch them holding it themselves?
Witnesses said a dispute broke out between Mark Anthony Blair, 23, and Thomas Kingsley Sisk, 18, near West Eighth Avenue and Charnelton Street just before 2 a.
Reading the article in the Chronicle of September 29, headlined Out of the Ring, All Are Winners, I believe all of our North East MPs are fully aware of what Anthony Blair, pictured, stands for, and what he wants for Britain.
Anthony Blair was jailed for nine years for manslaughter.
He would become Sir Anthony Blair and his wife Cherie Lady Blair.
He's accused of murdering his terminally-ill wife with a fatal overdose and finds himself locked in legal combat with arch enemy Anthony Blair Booth QC (Simon Ward).
And if he had any conscience at all, this weak and dangerous president would resign today on this grim anniversary, with his little helpmate Anthony Blair.