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Synonyms for Anthony

Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars

United States suffragist (1820-1906)

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"Make one," said Anthony. "Take her for a walk in the park, or a straw ride, or walk home with her from church Chance!
"All right, Richard, my boy," said old Anthony, cheerfully.
That night came Aunt Ellen, gentle, sentimental, wrinkled, sighing, oppressed by wealth, in to Brother Anthony at his evening paper, and began discourse on the subject of lovers' woes.
"He told me all about it," said brother Anthony, yawning.
"Oh, Anthony," sighed Aunt Ellen, "I wish you would not think so much of money.
At 11 o'clock that night somebody tapped lightly on Anthony Rockwall's door.
Would you believe it?--he positively means (if he can find the place) to go to Saint Anthony's Well!"
"You have confirmed my son, sir, in his resolution to go to Saint Anthony's Well."
"You know where Saint Anthony's Well is?" I interposed.
You turn to your right past the famous Palace of Holyrood; you cross the Park and the Drive, and take your way upward to the ruins of Anthony's Chapel, on the shoulder of the hill--and there you are!
Most of the above I elicited from Marlow, for all I knew of Carleon Anthony was his unexciting but fascinating verse.
This chance meeting with a man who had sailed with Captain Anthony had revived it.
"But, if I remember rightly you said you didn't know Captain Anthony."
Captain Anthony ("the son of the poet--you know") was of a retiring disposition, shy with strangers, unused to society and very much devoted to his calling, Fyne explained.
I expressed no regret at missing Captain Anthony and we proceeded in silence till, on approaching the holiday cottage, Fyne suddenly and unexpectedly broke it by the hurried declaration that he would go on with me a little farther.