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Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars

United States suffragist (1820-1906)

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James Anthony Froude (1818-1894) was a disciple of Carlyle, from whom he took the idea of making history center around its great men and of giving to it the vivid effectiveness of the drama.
So one year, in his favourite over-the-fields, back-way fashion he entered a pretty Surrey village where he met Miss Anthony.
But my simple Fyne made use of Captain Anthony for that purpose, or else I would never even have heard of the man.
But in his domestic life that same Carleon Anthony showed traces of the primitive cave-dweller's temperament.
Most of the above I elicited from Marlow, for all I knew of Carleon Anthony was his unexciting but fascinating verse.
This chance meeting with a man who had sailed with Captain Anthony had revived it.
Anthony," said Father Brown seriously, "there is no time for nonsense.
Anthony sat somewhat sullenly at the foot of the table, while at the head of it was Mr.
And then Anthony Rockwall, who never cared for bells, went to the door of his library and shouted "Mike
Tell my son," said Anthony to the answering menial, "to come in here before he leaves the house.
Richard," said Anthony Rockwail, "what do you pay for the soap that you use?
All right, Richard, my boy," said old Anthony, cheerfully.
Anthony Wayne, a Pennsylvanian distinguished in the war of the
Anthony Humm), however unworthily, was 'first oars'
Anthony Humm gave out two lines at a time, for the information of such of his hearers as were unacquainted with the legend.