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Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars

United States suffragist (1820-1906)

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At 11 o'clock that night somebody tapped lightly on Anthony Rockwall's door.
Come in," shouted Anthony, who was in a red dressing-gown, reading a book of piratical adventures.
But, brother Anthony, what good could your money have done?
The next day a person with red hands and a blue polka-dot necktie, who called himself Kelly, called at Anthony Rockwall's house, and was at once received in the library.
Well," said Anthony, reaching for his chequebook, "it was a good bilin' of soap.
Thirteen hundred--there you are, Kelly," said Anthony, tearing off a check.
I thought the little rascal wouldn't be on hand," chuckled Anthony.
Captain Anthony ("the son of the poet--you know") was of a retiring disposition, shy with strangers, unused to society and very much devoted to his calling, Fyne explained.
I expressed no regret at missing Captain Anthony and we proceeded in silence till, on approaching the holiday cottage, Fyne suddenly and unexpectedly broke it by the hurried declaration that he would go on with me a little farther.
com/topics/womens-history/susan-b-anthony) Anthony was born in 1820 , 100 years before women would eventually be awarded the right to vote through the 19th Amendment, a landmark Anthony didn't live to see.
In an interview last week at Anthony Forest Products head-quarters in El Dorado, Anthony noted that the 99-year survival of the family business into a fifth generation was a rare feat.
THE mum of murdered teenager Anthony Walker said her son was still "touching people's lives" even after his death.
The annual Anthony Waters Memorial Match, organised by TIBS FC saw Anthony's Mates 11 take on TIBS Managers 11.
The thief struck while 14-year-old Anthony Stor was on another ward to meet pop band McFly when they visited Leeds General Infirmary.
Teacher, choreographer, and modern dance pioneer MARY ANTHONY has two big reasons to celebrate this month: She turns 90 and she is receiving the Martha Hill Award, which acknowledges leadership in dance.