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a collection of selected literary passages

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6) Although containing roughly eight hundred fewer epigrams than MS Palatinus 23, when we speak of the Greek Anthology in the sixteenth century we are speaking of the Anthologia Planudea (MS Ven.
1845: Anthologia Germanica--only volume of work published in his life-time.
Palladas is represented in the Anthologia Palatina and Anthologia Planudea by about 160 epigrams--more than any other poet in these collections.
The 24-line sonnet, "Lonely I sit upon the silent shore," was published in Anthologia Hibernica: or Monthly Collections of Science, Belles-Lettres, and History, vol.
About 160 epigrams (four of which are probably not by him) are preserved under Palladas's name in the Anthologia Palatina (AP) and Anthologia Planudea (APl).