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a collection of selected literary passages

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Yes, the shorter poems of the Anthologia Latina, 78-188, The Codex Lamanianus, are considered the dregs of the dregs as far as literary merit is concerned, admits London-based classicist Kay, but once he began work on them, he found them to be of a much higher quality than he expected.
Epigrammata graeca, selecta ex Anthologia, interpretata ad [.
6) Although containing roughly eight hundred fewer epigrams than MS Palatinus 23, when we speak of the Greek Anthology in the sixteenth century we are speaking of the Anthologia Planudea (MS Ven.
The third category--which provides us with the earliest examples of the anthologist's activity and the word itself, from the Greek anthologia `gathered flowers'--is the collection intended (like the fifth century B.
The most important addition is the minor works of Ennius (the largest entry in FLP); he also includes the fragments of Tiberianus, as well as several poems ascribed to imperial authors in the Anthologia Latina.
49) Anthologia palatina, 9, 482, with Austin, "Zero's Game of table"; Sidonius, Epistles, 8, 12, 5.
anthology Medieval Greek anthologia, literally, gathering of flowers
1845: Anthologia Germanica--only volume of work published in his life-time.
Anthologia Latina II, 1-2, Lipsiae, 1895-1897 (= Stuttgart, 1982); E.
579-584), where all the items of the catalogue are listed under the category of the text they contain, in alphabetical order: Akolouthia, Anastasimatarion, Ancient Greek treatises, Anthologia, Doxastarion, Evangelium, Heirmologion, Kontakarion, Kratematarion, Mathematarion, Megalynarion, Papadike, Psaltike techne, Sticherarion, Treatise, Triodion and Western music.
Hess argues that epigrams should refer to a certain material object, and some certainly do, as is confirmed by David Rijser in "The Practical Function of High Renaissance Epigram: The Case of Raphael's Grave," Maarten Jansen in "Epigramma cultum and the Anthologia Palatina: Case Studies from Michael Marullus' Epigrammata" and Moniek van Oosterhout, "Hugo Grotius and the Epigram.
Palladas is represented in the Anthologia Palatina and Anthologia Planudea by about 160 epigrams--more than any other poet in these collections.