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the part of the stamen that contains pollen

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Orbicules are readily observable by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in mature anthers as a layer of tiny particles lining the inner locule wall, in close contact with the pollen grains (El-Ghazaly, 1999; Huysmans et al.
Breidy, the seed bank director at the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, cuts open the spikelets from one ear of wheat, removes the anthers inside, and discards them.
pollinate To transfer pollen from an anther to the stigma of a flower.
This new species can be distinguished from all known taxa due to an unusual combination of morphological features, like the distichous arranged leaves, leaf blades distinctly nerved on both sides with margins sparsely spinose, inflorescence curved and short, flowers strongly fragrant, sepals acuminate and dark purplish-wine, petals yellow with an obtuse and apiculate to subacute apex, forming a tubular corolla, and by the anthers basaly connate and equaling the petals.
In greenhouse studies and field tests conducted in Peoria and Wooster, Ohio, starting in 2002, Schisler and colleagues have shown that inoculating wheat anthers with specific choline-metabolizing bacteria helps keep scab to a minimum.
The remarkable orange-coloured anthers give it an additional other-worldly look too.
The opening exchanges proved to be tight, with Nathan Taylor opening the scoring before the anthers struck back to make it 4-4,
The wine-red flowers have black centres and reddish-purple anthers.
The Dolphins' defence has been solid in both their games, but the offence that stepped up against Denver was a damp squib against the Jets and the P anthers are the sort of team who give nothing away.
Their success is explained by their elegant goblet shape, rich petal colours with prominent orange anthers, and early blooming.
That approach would direct them near enough to dust the stigma a female part of the flower, with pollen the bee had picked up from the male parts, anthers, of another flower.
Most memorable in pink and scarlet, nerines have six scalloped petals and spew forth ostentatious anthers that are several inches in length.
Clematis alpina 'Francis Rivis', a three-metre (10 ft) climber with numerous large, blue, lantern-like flowers with white anthers.
Clematis Petit Faucan (Little Falcon) only reaches three feet and is covered with deep purple semi-nodding flowers with yellow anthers from June to September.