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Synonyms for anthem

song of praise

Synonyms for anthem

a song of devotion or loyalty (as to a nation or school)

a song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation)

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Two were pressing me so closely that I could not turn when I heard a movement behind me, and noted that the sound of the battle anthem had ceased.
And the anthem that the organist played cemented Soapy to the iron fence, for he had known it well in the days when his life contained such things as mothers and roses and ambitions and friends and immaculate thoughts and collars.
On the Sabbath day, when the congregation were singing a holy psalm, he could not listen because an anthem of sin rushed loudly upon his ear and drowned all the blessed strain.
Yet to him, used as he was to a life of such quiet that the failure of a brewing or the altering of an anthem had seemed to be of the deepest import, the quick changing play of the lights and shadows of life was strangely startling and interesting.
He has never sung difficult music with such skill and harmony, as in this day's Anthem.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO --9 June 2017: Number of Egyptian composers and singers participated in composing many Arab countries' National anthems like Palestine, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq.
today commented on the decision by the Delaware Court of Chancery denying Anthems motion for a preliminary injunction.
The thought itself is beautiful if it's induced everyday on TV channels how we know about the national anthems and if the earth anthem can be as impact fully shown through the media and through people so it reaches out, if the thought behind is beautiful the effect automatically will stir and create certain kind of repercussion," she said
Other songs considered British anthems include Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory - but God Save the Queen is still used the most.
Richard Parsons (via e-mail): If they have to play any anthems at all,then both the English and Welsh anthems should be played.
Lyn Jenkins, 62, from Llanishen, Cardiff, said: ``It's not an international match therefore they should not have any national anthems.
I make no claim to have conducted scientific research on the subject, but in 15 years of listening to anthems from press boxes and press rows, I'd estimate that a patriotic 76 percent of singers find some way to screw it up.
Over time, as the words grew to embrace a collective national experience, individual anthems eventually gained official recognition.
Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, had emphasized the need for an Earth anthem - "to pay tribute to our planet, to remind ourselves of our responsibilities as global citizens, and in conjunction with the many other anthems we sing to remember that we have a supra-national loyalty alongside the claims of our nation, our state, or our favourite football team.
National anthems of all countries have to be understood.