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However, there is increasing evidence of parasite resistance to anthelmintics across the UK.
Mechanism-based screening: discovery of the next generation of anthelmintics depends upon more basic research.
The plants Withania somnifera and Azadirachta indica are used as anthelmintics in the southern Punjab region of Pakistan (Jabbar, A.
Genetic analysis of a relationship between macrocyclic lactone and benzimidazole anthelmintic selection on Haemonchus contortus Pharmacogenet Genomics 2008; 18 : 129-40.
There were many meds I would have liked to have had with me, primarily antihypertensives, antibiotics, anthelmintics, PPIs, and seizure meds.
These anthelmintics not only kill adult gut-dwelling stages of the parasite but also sterilize the larvae and eggs.
It has been used to yield fruitful results because the metabolic pathways of parasites provide, vulnerable points of anthelmintics activity (Von Brand, 1983).
Because of the government regulations on organic foods, however, the use of chemical anthelmintics on a routine basis is prohibited.
Currently there is a need for economical, effective and safer anthelmintics (Tracy and Webster, 1996).
All three agents in the benzimidazole class of the anthelmintics are rated pregnancy category C.
The anthelmintics were chlorpromazine, levamisole, and ivermectin.
Anthelmintics resistance in animals appears prevalent and, consequently, agencies such as the World Health Organization closely monitor any changes in drug efficacy.
The resistance of worms to anthelmintics is a classic example of the evolutionary consequence of drug use.
Anthelmintics were already steady and newly introduced poultry products were gradually capturing the market.
Use of rodent models in the discovery of novel anthelmintics