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Mass treatment of sheep and cattle with TCBZ (Fasinex) or in combination with other anthelmintic drugs is common in the Netherlands (L.
1973), which is similar with two conventional anthelmintic drugs such as praziquantel (Schmahl and Taraschewski 1987), and toltrazuril (Schmahl et al.
The common approach towards control of parasitic infections relies heavily on anthelmintic drugs, but recently much research effort has been directed towards various alternatives to control GIN of ruminants (Coop et al.
WITH roundworms in sheep showing increasing resistance to anthelmintic drugs, a free meeting designed to help farmers achieve more effective control of the parasites takes place at Castle of Brecon Hotel, Brecon, tomorrow.
The use of anthelmintic drugs for therapy of neurocysticercosis results in better resolution of viable parenchymal cysts and lower risk of recurrence, and reduces seizure frequency when compared with placebo.