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Joshua Brillantes, chief of the local health support division of the regional DOH office, said then that the panic was due to a text scare that claimed children had died from taking the medicine, because even those who did not show symptoms normally associated with the anthelmintic drug, like nausea and vomiting, were rushed by their parents to hospitals.
Intestinal parasites may cause anemia, stunted growth and even death among children if not treated by giving an anthelmintic drug to humans.
Data were available for 7 829 subjects, of whom 4 107 received an anthelmintic drug and 3 722 received placebo.
Although it has been 25 years since the introduction of a new anthelmintic drug class for livestock, our discovery gives hope that new and effective anti-worm drugs may be possible.
Rio Magpantay, director of the National Epidemiology Bureau, admitted to reporters here on Saturday that the deworming activity had become a national issue because of what happened to the children who took the anthelmintic drug, albendazole.
The Dengvaxia scare has seriously affected the conduct of health programs in Western Mindanao, including deworming, as parents have prevented health workers from administering the anthelmintic drugs to their children, officials said.
En: Resistance in nematodes to anthelmintic drugs (Anderson N, Waller PJ Ed.
Even though it was not possible to collect information regarding particular group of anthelmintic drugs however, it was noted that regular deworming was necessary to control infection.
The results from only a few controlled trials of anthelmintic drugs for systemic toxocariasis have been published.
The treatment of haemonchosis is based upon anthelmintic drugs (McKellar and Jackson, 2004), but the worms seem to have developed resistance against these drugs (Mortensen et al.
We endorse WHO recommendations to the effect that, 'in areas where prevalence of mild to moderate underweight children is greater than 25% and where parasites are known to be widespread, high priority should be given to deworming programme, data on prevalence of worms and trials of anthelmintic drugs are vital'.
Thomason, Clinical pharmacokinetics of anthelmintic drugs, Clinical Pharmacokineics, 15, 67 (1988).