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Synonyms for temporal

Synonyms for temporal

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

not religious in subject matter, form, or use

Synonyms for temporal

the semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the time of the state or action denoted by the verb

not eternal

characteristic of or devoted to the temporal world as opposed to the spiritual world

of this earth or world

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The mean AcI in sick individuals with headache was nearly 0 (AcI = -0.07), which indicated a balance between the activity of the masseter muscles and anterior temporal muscles, while AcI in sick individuals without pain was definitely positive (AcI = 17.73), which indicated the predominant activity of the masseter muscles.
Memory outcome 2 years after anterior temporal lobectomy in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.
(a) shows the location of the five regions of interest: fusiform (green), inferior temporal (purple), medial temporal (red), anterior temporal (blue), and parietal (yellow) regions.
(2004) confirmed that psychopathic individuals display deficits in neural activity in the anterior temporal gyrus and the surrounding cortex during semantic processing, a condition referred to earlier by Hervey Cleckley (1955) as "Semantic Aphasia" (p.
Superficial dissection strategy for P2P aneurysm was done by detaching and mobilizing the anterior temporal lobe opening the operative corridor through the carotid-oculomotor triangle (Figure 5).
"The frontal and anterior temporal lobes of the brain are the most commonly damaged areas in traumatic brain injuries," says Dr Paul Shotbolt, who specialises in assessing the extent of brain injuries and providing psychological therapy and rehabilitation at Re:Cognition Health.
(14-19) Jackler and Cho propose an alternative hypothesis: that blood products arise from dehiscences of the bony partition between the petrous apex air cell system and the bone marrow in the anterior temporal bone or clivus.
In this, an electrode is placed on each side of the heads, over the anterior temporal lobes just above the ears.
These results suggest a correlation between cognitive impairment and blood flow in the right prefrontal lobe and in the left thalamus; the results also suggest that abnormal functioning of the prefrontal lobe and of the right anterior temporal lobe may be the biological origin of intrusive thoughts among patients with OCD.
They found that depressed MS patients had more hyperintense lesions in the left inferior medial frontal regions and greater atrophy of the left anterior temporal regions; they postulated that a combination of inflammation, demyelination, and atrophy within medial inferior frontal areas would disconnect neural connectivity with an associated perturbation in several neurotransmitters and modulators known to be involved in frontal subcortical circuits, with the monoaminergic ones being the most intimately tied to disorders of mood.
investigate the localization of syntactic structure building under relatively naturalistic conditions, examining the neural basis of natural syntactic and lexical processing, and correlating the time course of brain activity with the changing linguistic properties of a naturalistic speech stimulus (a measure of syntactic structure building is correlated with activity in the left anterior temporal lobe).
Bipolar surface electrodes (Kendall MedTrace 100 Conductive Adhesive ECG Electrodes, Tyco Healthcare Group LP, Pointe-Claire, Canada) were placed with a distance of 18 mm between them, following the long axis of the muscle fibers of the masseter and anterior temporal muscle on both sides (4,5) (Figure 1).
Patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy who undergo unilateral anterior temporal lobectomy have been observed to develop a de novo psychosis with diminished seizures.
The scans revealed 43% more MAO-A bound to the radiotracer in the postpartum group than in the controls, with significant differences seen in all the brain regions measured (prefrontal cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, anterior temporal cortex, thalamus, dorsal putamen, hippocampus, and midbrain).
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