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Synonyms for segment

Synonyms for segment

one of the parts into which something is divided

a part severed from a whole

a particular subdivision of a written work

to make a division into parts, sections, or branches

Synonyms for segment

one of several parts or pieces that fit with others to constitute a whole object

one of the parts into which something naturally divides

divide or split up

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Ocular cystinosis is diagnosed when the pathognomonic refractive cystine crystal accumulations are observed throughout the conjunctiva and entire cornea (central and peripheral) on anterior segment examination.
Tooth size discrepancies are considered an important variable, especially in the anterior segment.
Among anterior segment lesions, conjunctivitis both infective and allergic was the commonest diagnosis found in the anterior segment in our study.
abnormalities in the relative sizes or positions of anterior segment structures;
There were themes from different aspects in ophthalmology such as Anterior Segment, Imaging, Uveitis and Refractive Surgery.
IOFB was impacted in anterior segment in 20% cases while it was impacted in posterior segment in 80% cases.
The trial aims to enrol up to 250 patients and is intended to assess the safety and efficacy of iontophoretically-delivered EGP-437, a novel formulation of dexamethasone phosphate ophthalmic solution, via the firm's EyeGate II Delivery System, in patients with unilateral or bilateral non-infectious anterior segment uveitis.
In the eye, all structures could be affected ranging from anterior segment to the posterior segment (4,5).
Most common anterior segment findings were subconjunctival hemorrhage in 55 patients (45.
In summary, Na-HA helps in ophthalmic microsurgery by maintaining anterior chamber depth, temponading small breaks in posterior capsule, facilitates intra ocular lense (IOL) insertion, protects corneal endothelium from damage by instruments and minimizes endothelial cell loss during anterior segment surgery.
The atlas and reference focuses on commonly encountered corneal disorders for eye care professionals who are managing anterior segment diseases at chair-side.
Anterior segment examination was done with the help of slit lamp biomicroscope.
Hester recently completed a fellowship in cornea, refractive and anterior segment surgery at the Cullen Eye Institute at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.
As the world's signature meeting on anterior segment surgery, the Annual Symposium and Congress of the ASCRS attracts thousands of eye specialists on the frontline of ophthalmic research and practice from around the globe, a press release said.
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