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Pituitary adenomas usually arise from the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland and are classified by their functions and light or elecron microscobe appearances (1).
Thus, the combination of juvenile eyes, caudal cirrus, and the two pigment spots on the anterior lobe appears to be unique to M.
The new species is characterized by its hemiepiphytic habit, long-petiolate, subterete sulcate gray-green-drying petioles, narrowly ovate-triangularsagittate narrowly acuminate blades with the anterior lobe broadly concave along the margins, a spatulate sinus, 3(4) pairs of basal veins with none of the basal veins free to the base, the 1st pair of basal veins broadly spreading, then directed upward along the margin and regularly very remote from the margins, 10-13 pairs of primary lateral veins, and these scarcely distinct from the interprimary veins, as well as by long-pedunculate inflorescence with a green erect-spreading spathe which is shorter than the spadix, and a moderately short weakly tapered essentially sessile green spadix with large flowers.
tannuolaicus, include the shorter anterior lobe, being about 60% the length of the posterior lobe, a wider pygidial axis that does not reach the border furrow and the axial ring furrows of the pygidium that are visible abaxially.
Surstylus with very large anterior lobe being an intricate structure: anterior and dorsal parts less strongly sclerotised (Fig.
Anterior lobe of surstylus subshiny yellow, linear and narrow with yellow setulae on apical margin.
The anterior lobe is located below the zygoma, extending to the front of the buccinator, maxilla and the deep space of the quadrate muscle of the upper lip and zygomaticus major muscle.
5 Pituitary metastases more commonly affect the posterior lobe and the infundibulum than the anterior lobe.
Thorax: anterior lobe of pronotum much narrower than posterior lobe, anterolateral angles obliquely truncate, lateral notch angularly deep; sublateral areas of disc of fore lobe each with a rugose longitudinal ridge which runs posteriorly to middle of hind lobe.
Figure 1 shows a prominent mass in the right pons with surrounding vasogenic edema affecting the right pons and both hemispheres of the anterior lobe of the cerebellum, with sparing of the cerebellar vermis.
Thyroid- Anterior lobe Stimulates the thyroid gland
The anterior lobe was separated from the more laterally located posterior lobe with a transverse cleft (figure 1).
These capillaries drain into "long portal blood vessels" that run longitudinally along the infundibular stalk and drain into a secondary capillary plexus in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.
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