anterior meningeal artery

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branch of the anterior ethmoidal artery that supplies meninges in the anterior cranial fossa

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Topographic relationships of the anterior ethmoidal artery are of particular significance in its course from the orbit to the olfactory fossa as it traverses three cavities: orbit, ethmoidal labyrinth and the anterior cranial fossa.
Anterior ethmoidal artery evaluation on coronal CT scans.
Two of these patients had presented following head trauma, and their epistaxis was subsequently controlled with anterior ethmoidal artery ligation performed via an external approach.
The anatomic location of the anterior ethmoidal artery makes it susceptible to injury during head trauma and therefore should always be considered early on as a source of epistaxis following head trauma.
The majority of cases in which ELSPA was unsuccessful were controlled by subsequent anterior ethmoidal artery ligation, representing 9% of all cases (75% of failures).
We describe a patient with a traumatic anterior ethmoidal artery bleed on whom a cricket helmet was used to provide traction after posterior nasal packing with a Foley balloon catheter.
At the tertiary center, he underwent endoscopic ablation of the anterior ethmoidal artery, which was found to be torn and bleeding.
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