Antennaria dioica

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low-growing perennial herb having leaves with whitish down and clusters of small white flowers

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Eroded places and secondary grasslands there host only Antennaria dioica and Phleum alpinum.
Observed species occupy the area above the timberline (with few exceptions as Diphasiastrum alpinum, Epilobium anagallidifolium, Omalotheca norvegica, Saxifraga paniculata, Phleum alpinum, Selaginella selaginoides and Antennaria dioica).
Natural or human induced disturbances provide additional space for plants demanding openings, such as Antennaria dioica and Omalotheca supina which are closely tied to patches, disturbed by erosion.
1000 2900 -- Antennaria dioica (L.) 1700 2900 Gaertner -- Aster alpinus L.