signal-to-noise ratio

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the ratio of signal intensity to noise intensity

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As discussed earlier, as a result of massive number of receive antennas two types of performance increase occur, one of them is array gain and the other is receive antenna diversity.
For realizing antenna diversity aspect, the presented dual-band antenna with band-notch is combined with a similar antenna as shown in Figure 12.
Added feature also includes antenna diversity, customers can choose between printed or U.
According to the company, superior Wi-Fi interference robustness in combination with patented antenna diversity technology results in approximately twice the reliable range (compared to similar systems with only one antenna) in a crowded wireless 2.
Wang, "A Unified Capacity Analysis for Wireless Systems with Joint Multiuser Scheduling and Antenna Diversity in Nakagami Fading Channels," IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol.
Ahn, "The high isolation dual-band inverted F antenna diversity system with the small N-section resonators on the ground plane," Microw.
Antenna diversity is another feature that is also provided and which enables multiple antennas to be connected to ensure reliable radio connection from diverse areas.
In most wireless channels, antenna diversity is a practical, effective and widely used technique for reducing the effect of multipath fading.
When used with Motorola's dual antenna Diversity Access Point (DAP) /Wireless Access Point (WAP) 400 Series, both uplink and downlink performance are significantly enhanced.
of Manchester, and BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre) present 21 chapters, beginning with discussions of fundamental electromagnetic theory, basic antenna elements, antenna arrays, beamforming, and antenna diversity techniques.
The antenna diversity feature of the Micronas DRX 3976D dramatically improves indoor and mobile reception, regardless of where the notebook is placed.
It highlights briefly the alternatives, the modeling and the processing of miniature antennas, and reviews miniature antenna diversity and combining techniques.
By supporting two LoRa Antennas the Kona Macro can utilize antenna diversity to improve receiver performance in the presence of multipath fading and on the transmit side, multiple transmit channels can be utilized simultaneously resulting in much higher system downlink capacity.
The RFX2411 architecture integrates the PA, LNA, Transmit and Receive switching circuitry with antenna diversity support, the associated matching network, and the harmonic filter all in a CMOS single-chip device.
Antenna tuning and antenna diversity are both key elements to solving these challenges.