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Synonyms for ante

up the ante

Synonyms for ante

something risked on an uncertain outcome

Words related to ante

(poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot

place one's stake

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Lord Longford Jim Broadbent Myra Hindley Samantha Morton Lady Longford Lindsay Duncan Ian Brady Andy Serkis Harold Wilson Robert Pugh Governor Wing Kika Markham William Whitelaw Anten Rodgers Radio Show Host Lee Boardman
The author would like to thank Katherine Franke, for her invaluable advice and support, as well as Todd Anten, for his many helpful suggestions.
MICHELLE Anten, 35, a trainee social worker from Stockport, Lancs, thought husband David, 36, was just being a good neighbour when he kept dashing over to help Karen next door.
2) Para informacion sobre el impacto ambiental del corte de palma camedor, ver Anten et al.
The detection zone was not centered around the truck due to the anten na placement, which could be adjusted for more even coverage.
When it comes to Slauerhoff's prose, the picture is a similar one: Anten cites Van Vriesland: 'In Het verboden rijk is Slauerhoff "de typische romanticus, met al de van ouds daarbij behorende kenmerken van wereldverachting"' (3) (In The Forbidden Realm Slauerhoff is 'the typical romantic, with all the old, characteristic contempt for the world').
Each coupling was ritually prescribed and named; huak af (to shed the skin), ha ekit (to make smooth), natam anten mese (to enter once again).
In addition the relationship between height and biomass differs for plants growing with and without competition (Weiner and Thomas, 1992; Anten and Hirose, 1998), such that the clumped distribution of resprouting species may affect scaling relationships.