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Synonyms for ante

up the ante

Synonyms for ante

something risked on an uncertain outcome

Words related to ante

(poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot

place one's stake

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Contractor address : C/ San AntEn, 72, 6A[logical not] planta, Oficinas 5-6-7
Anten Austevoll municipality hosted incorporated as part of an larger municipality, or host verande all to himself, so it is natural and appropriate with ein base here on the island for those who continue the services will be here.
Contract notice: Supply and replacement of fixtures installed today by others with led technology and work necessary for the burial of the lines of street lighting in the barrio de san antEn de cuenca.
The meeting was opened by the Chair of the Board of Virtual Educa and Vice President of the Government of Peru, Marisol Espinosa; the Director of the Department of Human Development and Education of the OAS, Marie Levens; the President of Virtual Educa, Heitor Gurgulino; and the Secretary General of Virtual Educa, Jose MarE[degrees]a AntEn.