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Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars

United States suffragist (1820-1906)

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PAC combines six testing equipment brands: Alcor Petroleum Instruments, Antek Instruments, Herzog GmbH, ISL, PetroSpec, and Precision Scientific Petroleum Instruments into a single dynamic manufacturing, marketing, and service organization, which consistently provides innovative break through technology and total solutions for the pipeline and terminal industry.
What's very interesting is that had you told me Finland had a graffiti problem I never would have believed it,'' said Castellano, president and chairman of publicly held Antek.
Antek said its instrument is accurate over a broad range without any detection limits.
For his first New York solo show this past fall, artist, writer, and Bernadette Corporation member Antek Walczak made four paintings.
It was left to Antek and Anton Chekhov, the latter representing Ballydoyle for the last time, to chase Adlerflug home, but pursuit was always going to be in vain.
2] beverage analyzers include: ANTEK Industrial Instruments; Arnel, whose C[O.
Weber Szinyei was named product manager of the nitrogen, sulfur and fluoride analyzer product line for Antek.
The 9000 series sulfur analyzers from Antek Instruments Inc.
is a family of companies that includes Noteworthy Medical Systems, Visionary HealthWare, CompuGroup Medical SC, and Antek HealthWare laboratory information systems.
Funding antek the price scale also probably will be around NZ.
For Sunday #8, which was given over to artist Kerstin Bratsch, they covered the exhibition "New York Is Dead" with sheets of black protective plastic before opening Eva's doors to a musical act by Ronnie Bass, Jeremy Eilers, and Nic Xedro; Allison Katz and Georgia Sagri (accompanied by Bratsch); and DJ Antek Walczak.
ADLERFLUG left his rivals for dead in the final 300 yards of the BMW Deutsches Derby at Hamburg yesterday, forging clear in dreadful conditions to win by seven lengths from Antek, writes David Conolly-Smith.
Other companies offering GC detectors for sulfur determination include Antek Instruments, CE Elantech, CI Analytiks, Ionics Instruments (Sievers), PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Electron and Varian.
Antek HealthWare's LIS allows for laboratory automation and interoperability with other software systems and has the ability to increase throughput and improve result distribution to the ordering physicians.
Conillon, who crosses swords again with Antek, whom he beat by half a length in a recent Dortmund Listed event, looks the pick of the pair, while in-form handler Jens Hirschberger relies on the unbeaten Sommersturm.