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a genus of echinoderms of the family Antedonidae

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On the regeneration of the visceral mass in Antedon rosaceus.
Visceral regeneration in the crinoid Antedon mediterranea: basic mechanisms, tissues and cells involved in gut regrowth.
Echinodermata Amphiura chiajei Forbes, 1843 Antedon mediterranea de Lamarck, 1816 Astropecten irregularis Pennant, 1777 + + Astropecten jonstoni Delle Chiaje, 1827 + + Ophiura albida Forbes, 1839 + Ophiura sp.
Expression of transforming growth factor [BETA]-like molecules in normal and regenerating arms of the crinoid Antedon mediterranea: immunocytochemical and biochemical evidence.
Such rapid regeneration has also been reported for the disk of other brittlestars (Dobson, 1988) and for the intestine of the crinoid Antedon mediterranea (Mozzi et al.
Mechanisms of arm regeneration in the feather star Antedon mediterranea: healing of wound and early stages of development.
Taxon Plumatella repens U12649 Bryozoan Terebratalia transversa U12650 Articulate Glottidia pyramidata U12647 Inarticulate Phoronis vancouverensis U12648 Phoronid Rhabdopleura normani U15664 Pterobranch Balanoglossus carnosus D14359 Enteropneust Antedon serrata D14357 Crinoid Asterias amurensis D14358 Seastar Artemia salina X01723 Crustacean Placopecten magellanicus X53899 Bivalve Branchiostoma floridae M97571 Cephalochordate Xenopus laevis X04025 Vertebrate Acanthopleura japonica X70210 Chiton Tenebrio molitor X07801 Insect Anemonia sulcata X53498 Cnidarian Sycon calcaravis D15066 Sponge
Babesia bovis (M87566), Tetilla japonica (D15067), Sycon calcaravis (D15066), Mnemiopsis leidyi (L10826), Tripedalia cystophora (L10829), Paraspadella gotoi (d14362), Antedon serrata (D14357), Strongylocentrotus intermedius (D14365), Balanoglossus carnosus (D14359), Oikopleura sp.
and in the comatulids Antedon bifida (Kelly and McKenzie, in press) and A.