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(Christianity) the adversary of Christ (or Christianity) mentioned in the New Testament

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Peele salutes these Armada heroes as the descendants of Classical heroes and urges them to go "to loftie Rome / There to deface the pryde of Antechrist,/ And pull his Paper walles and popery downe" (34-36).
Contents: Peter Maxwell Davies, Antechrist (1967) [Pierrot Players; Davies, conductor]; Harrison Birtwistle, Ring a Dumb Carillon (1964-65) [Mary Thomas, soprano; Alan Hacker, clarinet; Barry Quinn, percussion]; David Bedford, Come In Here, Child (1968) [Jane Manning, soprano; John Tilbury, piano]; Richard Orton, Cycle for 2 or 4 Players (1967) [Moray Welsh, cello; Orton, piano and percussion].