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(Christianity) the adversary of Christ (or Christianity) mentioned in the New Testament

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35 I wyll not iudge, but we maye synge, and say (alas) That euer was borne, this Antechrist fryer Which by true iudgement, was brent in the fyer.
Peele salutes these Armada heroes as the descendants of Classical heroes and urges them to go "to loftie Rome / There to deface the pryde of Antechrist,/ And pull his Paper walles and popery downe" (34-36).
Contents: Peter Maxwell Davies, Antechrist (1967) [Pierrot Players; Davies, conductor]; Harrison Birtwistle, Ring a Dumb Carillon (1964-65) [Mary Thomas, soprano; Alan Hacker, clarinet; Barry Quinn, percussion]; David Bedford, Come In Here, Child (1968) [Jane Manning, soprano; John Tilbury, piano]; Richard Orton, Cycle for 2 or 4 Players (1967) [Moray Welsh, cello; Orton, piano and percussion].