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belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War

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While there are sections that touch on other historiographies without fully engaging them, for instance when, in a lengthy discussion of the domestication of Judaism in the antebellum South there is surprisingly little discussion of the broader context of the feminizing of Christianity during the Second Great Awakening.
The Origins of Proslavery Christianity: White and Black in Colonial and Antebellum South.
Holly Springs was once a cultural, legal, and business capital in this part of the antebellum South," says Sarah Miller Taylor, vice president of the Holly Springs Garden Club, the event's sponsoring organization.
This difficulty is evident from chapter one, in which Kennedy explores maternal ideals and contends that "motherhood created a central identity for a woman in the antebellum South, while allowing her to form the identity of the next generation of southerners" (p.
Furthermore, Afro-Christianity provided social identity and cultural cohesion for slaves throughout the antebellum South.
Redeeming the Southern Family: Evangelical Women and Domestic Devotion in the Antebellum South.
Alford is the author of the award winning book Prince Among Slaves (1978), the celebrated story of an African royal enslaved in the antebellum South.
Moving out of the antebellum South, plantation shutters have now made a chic transition to the new millennium.
Evans 1959), a well-developed market for hiring out slave labor existed in the antebellum South, complete with insurance against the loss or injury of slaves and manuals on how hired slave labor should be managed.
The breed became the ride of choice among plantation owners in the antebellum South, who were fans of the comfort in the saddle and the dash it afforded their egos.
His magisterial study of the American black experience, ''From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans,'' was a revelation when it appeared in 1947 -- to be followed by books and articles on Reconstruction, the martial culture of the antebellum South, runaway slaves and many other subjects.
This is a significant contribution to the political and social history of the antebellum South, and is essential to gaining a deeper understanding of the American Civil War.
In the Antebellum South, restrictions on literacy were based on race, not gender, and here Atwood again draws from the precedent of Black slavery without acknowledgement.
Other historians of the antebellum South have noted short engagements to be the norm.
Walker has gained international fame for her challenge of conventional narratives of American history and the antebellum South.