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belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War

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The author of Schooling in the Antebellum South asserts, "the importance of learning and intellectual development in southern society has been long overlooked by historians" (1).
In this adventure, Ruthie and Jack travel to the antebellum South and to 18th century America.
8221; This unwritten law of the antebellum South allowed a white man to take a “colored” woman as his concubine and force her to have his children.
46 percent of the slaves in the antebellum South were kidnapped from Africa's western regions, which boasted "significant numbers of Muslims.
Stollman argues that although there was little explicit antisemitism in the antebellum South, that should in no way be read as a sign of acceptance.
But Northup's 1853 autobiography gives few clues to what he played, or what he heard during his nightmare decade in the antebellum South.
Slave Missions and the Black Church in the Antebellum South.
This is a socio-political history of the antebellum South that is centered on the slave-built cotton economy, but extends its purview to place the economic empire built around the cotton and slave trades of the Mississippi River within broader national and international context.
Family and Freedom: People of Color in the Antebellum South.
In tact, American Catholics were more numerous, influential, and accepted in the antebellum South than in the North, and American Catholics North and South tended to deplore abolitionists, who were mostly fanatical ex-Protestant Unitarians.
Holly Springs was once a cultural, legal, and business capital in this part of the antebellum South," says Sarah Miller Taylor, vice president of the Holly Springs Garden Club, the event's sponsoring organization.
Furthermore, Afro-Christianity provided social identity and cultural cohesion for slaves throughout the antebellum South.
In these times, her intense high-art/low-art narratives about racism, sexism and miscegenation in the antebellum South stir up derision as well as praise, because, as some critics claim, she doesn't update her imagery.
Timothy James Lockley has given us a valuable new overview of charity, benevolence, and welfare in the antebellum South that complements and builds on existing work.
Alford is the author of the award winning book Prince Among Slaves (1978), the celebrated story of an African royal enslaved in the antebellum South.