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belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War

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Martin will not, as she explains, revisit the past "within the context of our enlightened sensibilities," insisting instead on the brutal schism between blacks and whites in her reimagining of the antebellum period (Ryan 171).
In the first three chapters, Taylor discusses Clark's childhood and early formative years as a young adult living in Cincinnati, Ohio during the antebellum period.
During the antebellum period, southern states began requiring newly emancipated slaves to leave their borders.
Sarah Bellamy, dramaturg: When we encountered Matthew Lopez's one-act script for The Whipping Man, we were excited by the opportunity to explore an underrepresented chapter of American history--the relationship between blacks and Jews in the Antebellum period.
It also informs students regarding the broader slave experience in Maryland and the American South during the antebellum period of American history.
Monmouth's most famous owner, General John Quitman, began landscaping the twenty-six acres before the War Between the States, and in the 1980's the gardens were further enhanced also by William Garbo, who specialized in garden design of the antebellum period.
contributes very positively to the religious history of the antebellum period.
While the importance of classical Rome to the nation's founders has been amply documented, what remains less discussed and, if anything, even more interesting is the turn to ancient Greece--"the Greek Revival"--in the antebellum period.
Then about five years ago a reaction to "whiteness" began to take shape starting with the work on the antebellum period by Jonathan H.
Classical villains were as significant as heroes and played the important role in the public discourse of the antebellum period that they had during the Founding era.
Not only does it lack the sanguinary appeal of the war that lay so near in the future, but it also had almost nothing to do with it, which frustrates the natural tendency of historians to see virtually everything in the antebellum period as prologue to Secession and Fort Sumter.
The individual case studies of women represent significant phases in the making of American culture, beginning in the antebellum period, and continuing through the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.
00--The author describes this volume as the first book-length treatise on the extent and influence of classical learning in the antebellum period in American history.
Southern architecture from the antebellum period through the early twentieth century drew heavily from classical design, and the iconic form of the colonnaded plantation mansion is based on Greek temples.
Rather, the "several states" became a Union of multi-cultural statehood bonded together as one Federal organization, while continuing the pluralistic debates that had characterized that fertile antebellum period of American history.