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Synonyms for antechamber

a large entrance or reception room or area

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de Saint-Remy hastened to break the circle formed by the officers round Raoul, so that the latter was able to gain the ante-chamber.
So next morning when the king had the twelve huntsmen called before him, and they came into the ante-chamber where the peas were lying, they stepped so firmly on them, and had such a strong, sure walk, that not one of the peas either rolled or stirred.
And next morning when the king had his twelve huntsmen summoned, they went through the ante-chamber, and never once looked at the spinning-wheels.
Wait in the next room, please; and leave your bundle here," said the door-keeper, as he sat down comfortably in his own easy-chair in the ante-chamber.
I'll tell him at once--he will be free in a minute; but you--you had better wait in the ante-chamber,--hadn't you?
It was indeed time for that, for as I was about to place my legs through the window, the man had seen me, had bounded to his feet, had sprung--as I foresaw he would--to the door of the ante-chamber, had time to open it, and fled.
Hugh, who was, or feigned to be, fast asleep on the ante-chamber floor, sprang up on their entrance, and throwing his cloak about him, grasped his stick and lantern, and prepared to descend the stairs.
Any one who happened at that moment to contemplate that red simar -- the gorgeous robe of office -- and the rich lace, or who gazed on that pale brow, bent in anxious meditation, might, in the solitude of that apartment, combined with the silence of the ante-chambers and the measured paces of the guards upon the landing-place, have fancied that the shade of Cardinal Richelieu lingered still in his accustomed haunt.
By virtue of their route through the dry-box ante-chamber, the zeolites used in non-aqueous experiments are partially dehydrated.
As well as being a magnificent tribute to artistic achievement at the court of Borso d'Este, this brilliant exhibition ensures that it will no longer be possible to view his reign of just over 20 years as simply the ante-chamber to the cultural achievements of cinquecento Ferrara.
It didn't pay off (those were the days before automatic promotion, when the so-called annual election process was an old pals' stitch-up in a smoggy ante-chamber of the Caf Royal) and Big Ron soon departed to Cambridge United for the next stage of the journey that would take him to Old Trafford.
The nomadic midfielder first blossomed under Johnson at Yeovil and is evangelical about the "revolutionary" methods that have dragged the Robins from the foot of League One to the ante-chamber of the world's richest league.