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a large entrance or reception room or area

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The cold chain system utilizes a chiller room, two cold storages, fabricating room, ante rooms and has its very own blast freezer to ensure that the required temperature is attained in every step, securing the meats' freshness.
Entry to the reception was through the ante room, a small tent elegantly furnished with a sofa, love seat, and chandelier.
One guest revealed: "The marquee had a kind of ante room before you go into the actual dining area.
CV One, the not-for-profit company which promotes the city centre, wants to restore Drapers Hall in the cathedral district, returning a ballroom, ante room and card room to public use and using the rest of the space to house its offices.
They should have an ante room where you can go and calm your nerves.
She said: "They should have an ante room where you can go and calm your nerves.
Clad in bright green glass tiles, the entrance lobby leads to a restful white panelled ante room.
The presentation will provide an overview of WRIT and will be held in the Ante Room of Eleven Madison Avenue in New York City.
It is like an additional explanation where all of them would go to the ante room and discuss what are the reasons why they voted guilty or not guilty.
The patient arrives into an ante room to be checked over for any metal objects including jewellery.
My daughter wants to practise before zero hour so we go into an ante room and she plays on the most aristocratic piano she has ever seen.
What is remarkable is the number of earlier artists whose names were invoked: Masaccio, for a Medici portrait group; Signorelli for a Charity; Bellini for a Christ on the Cross, supposedly of 1430; Fra Angelico for an arched Nativity; Bufalmalco for a Dead Christ (now in the Ante Room as by Nicolo dell'Abbate); and Ghirlandaio for a Madonna from the Medici collection.
And the hugs and smiles that followed a private speech delivered by Hiddink to his players in an ante room inside the Chelsea dressing room long after they had returned from the field of battle emphasised the gratitude of both sides for a mission accomplished.