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belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War

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Big mistake - for when the treaty ended the War of 1812 on the principle of status ante bellum, the United States successfully claimed that it deserved the fort back.
The generals are, of course, playing a larger game, which is to somehow establish a status quo ante bellum Afghanistan.
The battlefield often ends in status quo ante bellum, with the dominate force on the sore end.
Polk's ante bellum America, as the failings of his successors demonstrated, was an impossible climate in which presidential inaction was compulsory but never satisfactory.
There's a lot going on here: the Wiccans and their celebrations and bonfires; the pro-war/anti war groups; the nasty longtime super-religious neighbors; the history of the families and their connection with the ante bellum antislavery movement.
New Orleans boasts of legends, folklore and hauntings, and explores the darker side of the Ante Bellum section of New Orleans.
Revolutionary Mothers probes the several ways that women's roles temporarily expanded during the Revolution and how afterwards, like an overstretched rubber band, things did not fully contract back to the status quo ante bellum.
Meyer, "The Economics of Slavery in the Ante Bellum South," The Journal of Political Economy, vol.
Doing so only returns the "war" to the status quo ante bellum.
Alternately, my essay "Captive Identity: Images of Barbary and Ante Bellum American Identity Politics" performs a genealogical inquiry into the history of the image of the Arab in ante-bellum American culture.
Streeby demonstrates the enduring legacy of this sometimes overlooked war through analyses of "city mysteries" novels, story papers, dime novels, crime gazettes, and other forms of entertainment from the ante bellum period through the early twentieth century.