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Fiat SpA (NYSE: FIA)(ISE: IT0001976403), an Italy-based automaker, is planning to launch its Panda 4x4 Antartica at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.
Books: new coffee fable booked entitled Beyond and the Element available from March Presentations: Where earth meets sky, Antartica Himalaya Eiger Faszination Berg For information, please see: www.
Apart from Antartica, I've played golf in most parts of the world," said Baldwin, "but South America will be something brand new for me.
A recent count included one in Antartica made by local resident Noah Stryker.
He says "we are heading to an abyss" and not moving fast enough to stop an acceleration in the melting of vast icefields in Greenland and Antartica.
In many countries ecotourism is a major industry of the national economy, such as in Antartica, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nepal, Kenya and Madagascar.
GROWING tree ferns isn't difficult if you choose a hardy type such as Dicksonia antartica, which tolerates sub-zero temperatures.
The operator specializes in small ship cruising in South America, Africa, the Mediterranean and Antartica.
Marathons: New York City (1994), Boston (1995-2001), Melbourne, Australia (2006), Soweto, Africa (2006), Chiule, South America (2006), Dubai, Asia (2006), Miami (2006), Valencia, Europe (2007), Antartica (2007).
Coldest place on Earth: Vostok, Antartica, -129[degrees]F (on July 21, 1983)
The Brazilian brewer of Antartica and Brahma brands had profits of $430 million on sales of almost $2.
One of the largest glaciers in Antartica is thinning according to satellite measurements.
The acquisition was AmBev's second since it was formed last March through a merger of Companhia Cervejaria Brahma and Companhia Antartica Paulista.
In the building that most recently housed Antartica, Kung Pao fills a need for its area, one that doesn't offer too many full-service, sit-down Chinese restaurants, especially those considered inexpensive.
Discovered in Antartica, this remarkable document was damaged in its recovery.