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The contribution made by these Labrador huskies and their offspring to the work of the FIDS and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), which replaced the former in 1962 after the Antartic Treaty became operational the pervious year, was immeasurable.
Biological results of the Japanese Antartic Research Expedition.
Zappia, Effects of temperature on mineralisation of petroleum in contaminated Antartic terrestrial sediments.
Together with the Antartic cold front during late Quaternary, the region of the currently southern portion of the Atlantic Rainforest was not suitable for a forest on various periods (see Behling, 2002).
Bader al Lawati, who was part of the first Freezing Omanis team with Ameer Abdul Hussain on the International Antartic Expedition (IAE), led by Robert Swan's NGO 2041, is now the menA[degrees] tor for future teams.
A comparison with the railways of the Antartic or Cyprus, which have no railways, would be as relevant
The cruise company is offering its passengers an opportunity to witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, a natural display of lights usually seen in the Arctic or Antartic regions.
a) Arctic b) Antartic c) Equator Call 0901 609 2902 and follow instructions Or text SMHOL followed by a space and then your answer (a, b or c), name, address & postcode to 84080.
Natural tolerance for freezing and hiperosmotic substances in other diatoms of this genera, such as Chaetoceros castracanei and species from Artic and Antartic, has been attributed to the accumulation of free amino acids (mainly proline) and DMSP (a DMSO precursor) (Ferrario et al.
Aker BioMarine and WWF Norway co-operate in the Antartic.
Thought to have been born during the last Antartic winter, Happy Feet may have been searching for squid and krill when it got lost.
Metal concentrations in Antartic sediment samples collected during the Trans-Antartica 1990 expedition.
Petit JR, Jouzel J, Raynaud D, Barkov NI, Bamola J-M, Basile I, Bender M, Chappellaz J, Davis M, Delaygue G, Delmotte M, Kotlyakov VM, Legrand M, Lipenkov VY, Lorius C, Pepin L, Ritz C, Saltzman E, Stievenard M (1999) 420 000 years of climate and atmospheric history revealed by the Vostok deep Antartic ice core.