Antarctic Peninsula

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a large peninsula of Antarctica that extends some 1200 miles north toward South America

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Flights take off from Punta Arenas and cross the Southern Ocean to reach destinations including West Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula and coastal areas.
Marine crustaceans gorge on tiny photosynthesizing organisms called phytoplankton, and Schofield's research hints that climate change in the West Antarctic Peninsula may be similarly knocking out this crucial bottom rung of the food chain.
They differ from chinstrap penguins, however, in that they have breeding populations outside of the western Antarctic, which makes them less vulnerable to the rapid warming in the Antarctic Peninsula region by comparison.
Dr David Vaughan, of the British Antarctic Survey, said: "We predicted the demise of more ice shelves around the Antarctic Peninsula in 1998, and warming has continued there at a faster rate than the rest of the world.
Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), and the Universities of Northumbria and Edinburgh targeted Lake Hodgson on the Antarctic Peninsula which was covered by more than 400 m of ice at the end of the last Ice Age, but is now considered to be an emerging subglacial lake, with a thin covering of just 3-4 metres of ice.
The researchers looked at the landscape of the seafloor in Marguerite Bay, in the Antarctic Peninsula, and saw that during a rapid phase of recession 13,000 years ago, retreat paused many times.
Researchers from Aberystwyth University have just returned from the Antarctic Peninsula with new information regarding the recent behaviour of the giant ice sheet, which reacts quickly to climate change.
A Chilean navy vessel rushed to save them when the cruiser got stuck on Thursday in Wilhelmina Bay - part of the Antarctic peninsula that reaches towards the southern tip of South America.
On the Antarctic Peninsula, the glaciers that nourished the Larsen A and Larsen B ice shelves lost about 3 billion metric tons of ice in 1996 but 31 billion metric tons in 2006.
She had been carrying out research for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) at its Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula for more than a year.
Prof Chapman, from the University of Warwick, will be based at the BAS logistics centre for the Antarctic Peninsula, home to biological laboratories and facilities for a wide range of research.
Over a five-week period ending in March, an ice shelf 200 meters thick and bigger than Luxembourg broke off from the Antarctic Peninsula and fragmented, releasing approximately 720 million tons of floating ice into the Weddell Sea.
The official Army expedition, whose patrons include the Prince of Wales, set off for the Antarctic Peninsula from Portsmouth last August.
But as I discovered on the Antarctic Peninsula, a 700-mile long tail of ice and rocky islands jutting up towards Latin America, scientific evidence is often where you find it.
Small groups of explorers will venture out onto the Antarctic Peninsula at various times to lessen their impact on the environment.
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