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small finback of coastal waters of Atlantic and Pacific

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TOKYO - The population of Antarctic minke whales has not increased even after other larger whales in food competition were hunted, according to a recent study by U.
With larger species of whales including blue whales being intensely hunted in the late 20th century, Japan's Fisheries Agency and researchers have hypothesized that Antarctic minke whales may have increased as a result of lesser competition for krill that they feed on.
Ohsumi noted that in 1990, the IWC estimated the Antarctic minke whale population at 761,000 and in 1992, based on its Revised Management Procedure, calculated that 2,000 could be taken from the population each year for one hundred years without any risk to the population.
International Whaling Commission scientists have agreed upon a estimate of 760,000 Antarctic Minke whales.
Under this internationally-accepted RMP, Japan would like to request the resumption of whaling for Antarctic Minke whales.
Japan is proposing that the whaling commission lift its ban on commercial harvests of Antarctic minke whales, arguing that the species is actually hampering the ability of other, bigger whales to mount a comeback, by eating too much krill.
That abundance of krill, the theory goes, surely boosted the population of those predators that weren't otherwise killed off, such as Antarctic minke whales.
We saw just under 500 whales: 372 killer whales, 76 Antarctic minke whales and 27 unknown species.
Dr Kelly stated, 'Longer term, it is hoped that these results from the aerial survey program will be considered with the German helicopter surveys to provide a better understanding of where Antarctic minke whales are congregating during the summer months, and if this can explain the decline in their numbers.
We are very concerned that this scientific whaling program in the IWC's Southern Ocean Sanctuary is a further expansion of lethal research on Antarctic minke whales and fin whales," said Dr.
He and his colleagues analyzed the DNA of grocery meat from 179 Antarctic minke whales.
The hunt netted 103 Antarctic minke whales, the lowest since "research whaling" began in 1987, blamed on the actions of the Sea Shepherd conservation group.
A total of 103 Antarctic minke whales were hunted during the 48- day sail, compared with 266 of this kind in 2012, and no fin whale was caught, according to Japan's Kyodo News Agency, citing the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi.
Japan is aiming to catch 935 Antarctic minke whales and up to 50 fin whales, the fisheries agency said earlier.
Washington, January 18 (ANI): A new genetic analysis of Antarctic minke whales has concluded that population of these smaller baleen whales have not increased as a result of the intensive hunting of other larger whales.
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