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Synonyms for Antarctic

Antarctic zone

Synonyms for Antarctic

the region around the south pole: Antarctica and surrounding waters

at or near the south pole


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This discovery of million-strong penguin colonies in a remote part of the Antarctic reminds us that we have so much still to discover in this icy wilderness, and underlines why we need to protect the Antarctic and its abundant wildlife while we have the chance.
The organization is advocating for a sanctuary in the Antarctic that would (http://www.
The Arctic and Antarctic are far from "polar opposites" in the sense that ice at both is melting away in the face of climate change.
It is clear that Warr drew upon his two years of living in the Antarctic, his experiences on five Antarctic cruises, and his enjoyment of the mystery genre, to provide accurate plot line details that promote and underscore his deftly woven story.
Trial by Ice" tells the story of one 20th-century Antarctic explorer.
According to scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), air temperatures at some weather stations are 'rising at four to six times the global average rate'.
The Xue Long (Snow Dragon) Chinese icebreaker, as seen from Australia's Antarctic supply ship, the Aurora Australis, sits in an ice pack unable to get through to the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, in East Antarctica, some 100 nautical miles (185km) east of French Antarctic station Dumont D'Urville and about 1,500 nautical miles (2,800km) south of Hobart, Tasmania, in this handout courtesy of Fairfax's Australian Antarctic Division.
Synopsis: "The Storied Ice: Exploration, Discovery, and Adventure in Antarctica's Peninsula Region" recounts mankind's dramatic history from Magellan through the first years of the twenty-first century in the part of the Antarctic regions below South America and the Atlantic Ocean.
The 32nd meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), to be held in Hobart, Australia, from 23 October to 1 November, is expected to designate as protected marine areas two sections of the Antarctic Ocean.
The findings indicate that ice sheets first grew on the West Antarctic subcontinent at the start of a global transition from warm greenhouse conditions to a cool icehouse climate 34 million years ago.
Summary: An Australian-led group of scientists has for the first time tracked down and tagged Antarctic .
First, at October's meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), the United States proposed establishing the world's largest marine protected area (MPA), in Antarctica's Ross Sea.
Michael Powell, 49, of Crickhowell, Powys, and Tudor Morgan, 41, from Usk, have more than 43 years of Antarctic experience between them.
Three bottles of whisky found under explorer Ernest Shackleton's abandoned expedition base were returned to the Antarctic yesterday.
President Rosen Plevneliev will hand the Bulgarian flag to the 21st Antarctic Expedition at an official ceremony starting 11 a.