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a town in southern Turkey

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Smart news went on to say that the Jeish al-Islam militants have deployed in Antakya to participate in the military operation in Idlib province, adding that almost 2,000 fully-equipped militants are now at an Antakya base.
Overview of the Geology, Seismicity and Soil Conditions of Antakya
Originating in Turkey, the fruity dressing has summer bottled and offers British palettes the chance to enjoy the delectable flavours of sun kissed pomegranates, handpicked from the Antakya regio.
HM King receives Antakya and the Orient's Patriarch who affirms: Bahrain an example of mutual co-existence between religions.
One of the men in the video, Mohammed Al-Aboud, the FSA commander for Syria's eastern front, confirmed by phone that he opposed the decision and said unit commanders were meeting with Idriss in Antakya, Turkey to discuss "the next steps.
Emails were circulated to NGOs and opposition aid groups working close to the southern Turkish border with Syria urging staff to avoid the cities of Reyhanli and Antakya after authorities issued an alert warning of possible suicide attacks.
Seis tiendas de caceria, establecidas para satisfacer las necesidades de los campesinos de la provincia turca de Hatay, se convirtieron en un pequeno centro comercial para los combatientes que llegan a Antakya desde Medio Oriente, Europa, Canada y Estados Unidos con el proposito de cruzar a Siria y sumarse a las milicias que estan llevando a cabo la Yihad, la guerra santa islamica.
The Dammam hub will be primarily used to serve destinations in Saudi Arabia and the Madinah hub will be used for domestic and international flights starting with Istanbul and shortly followed by Antakya in Turkey.
Three months later and despite the condemnation of international community and governments, those "legendary heroes" have caused the death of another protester - 23-year-old Ahmet Atakan in Antakya.
Prime Mall Gaziantep marks the third investment of the German giant after two other malls in Iskenderun and Antakya districts of another province in the region, Hatay.
Demonstrator Ahmet Atakan died in hospital Monday night after being allegedly hit in the head by a tear gas canister during clashes between police and around 150 protesters in the southeastern city of Antakya near the Syrian border.
Guler claimed that the clashes in Antakya specifically sprung from "ethnic provocation" designed to cause "chaos".
As clashes entered a fifth day on Tuesday, a second death was reported in Turkey's southern city of Antakya.