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a town in southern Turkey

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Residents of Antakya had been holding demonstrations for weeks to commemorate those who were killed during the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul.
Guler claimed that the clashes in Antakya specifically sprung from "ethnic provocation" designed to cause "chaos".
I am very happy that we're able to do this live shot this morning," Engel told NBC News from Antakya, Turkey.
It is across the border in the southern Turkish town of Antakya.
We also visited Syrian refugee families in Antakya, Turkey.
bar] THURSDAY MARCH 1, 2012: Muhammed Ibrahim, 18, a singer in the region of Hama, Syria, lies in the Kemal Ataturk University hospital in Antakya, Turkey.
The president of the IHD, Ozturk Turkdogan, announced that they stood against the massacre of the Syrian regime and were not informed that the Antakya branch of the IHD was involved in this demonstration.
The blood samples were collected at the main Center in Antakya.
For instance, Fulya Dogruel's research on Arab orthodox Christians in the city of Antakya observes that Antakya "is situated in between a 'fundamentalist' Islamist imaginary world anda 'Western European' imaginary world" (p.
Previously, Kerkenes and Gordion excavations, Antakya Mosaic Museum and mosaic restoration in Mersin Kelenderis were supported, Ricciardone said.
Peter's in Antakya, Turkey, a mottled grotto containing only a modest carved altar and a small statuette inserted in a chiseled niche--said to be the first, and thus the holiest, Christian church.
For example, Hateks Hatay Tekstil manufactures towels; bathrobes; bath mats; cotton and blended yarns; and dyed, glazed and mercerized yarns in its fully integrated factory in Antakya.
Berti Vogts has named his latest `Future' squad for a match against Turkey's wannabes in Antakya on February 26.