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Synonyms for antacid

acting to neutralize acid (especially in the stomach)

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On all antibiotic treatment days, a cation-containing antacid combined with levofloxacin was given to 895 patients and on at least one day in 606 patients.
If over-the-counter preparations are ineffective, your GP can prescribe you stronger antacid medication.
Most other heartburn and indigestion remedies only contain an antacid, which neutralises stomach acid, but Bisodol Extra's unique formulation offers customers extra help when they need it.
More than half of our patients had used antacids or had suffered from gallstones.
The symptoms are often aggravated by postural changes such as bending or lying down, and can be relieved by antacids.
Antacids are the most basic GER medication and are found over the counter in tablet and liquid form.
Initial treatment regimens involved antacids and dietary and lifestyle changes, but they were only minimally effective.
Some coaches have used super-salty sources like pickle juice, mustard and even antacids as quick, on-field "fixes" for sodium-related muscle cramping.
Frequent use of antacids can unbalance your system, so you can end up needing antacids.
pylori responders using antacids went from 92% to 38%.
Some people speculate that it's due to the increased use of antacids, but we have no evidence yet.
It may last from a few minutes to a few hours and may be relieved by eating or by taking antacids.
Heartburn, judging from the tonnage of antacids sold annually in this country, seems to be one of our most common maladies--little wonder, given our propensity for fast foods and faster living.
In Desert Incident, 1992, a similar galaxy of marijuana leaves, antacids, and other "assorted drugs" suggests the twinkling of van Gogh's The Starry Night, 1889, cast in the guise of a desert twilight.
Drug causes include laxatives, antacids, magnesium salts (e.