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Synonyms for antlion

the larva of any of several insects

winged insect resembling a dragonfly

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Larvae of ant-lion Myrmeleon brasiliensis (Navas, 1914) go through three instars before the formation of pupa.
Probably if the prey size varies positively with size ant-lion larvae, the number of attacks at the preys would not vary between different instars of M.
In the field, the capture rate of ant-lion larvae is quite reduced (Heinrich and Heinrich 1984) and, since smaller larvae do not manage to efficiently seize their prey in the first attack, they start suffering from inanition.
On seizing the prey at the abdomen, ant-lion larvae shake them to break their exoskeleton and then release digestive enzymes (Devetak 2005).
The feeding biology of ant-lion larvae: prey capture, handling and utilization.
The feeding biology of ant-lion larvae: growth and survival in Morter obscurus.
Food availability and the use and storage of fat by ant-lion larvae.
Interference competition in ant-lion (Macro-leon quinquemaculatus) larvae.
Holes in the doughnut theory: the dispersion of ant-lions. Brenesia 14-15:13-46.
Pit construction by ant-lion larvae: a cost-benefit analysis.
The biophysics of pit construction by ant-lion larvae (Myrmeleon, Neuroptera).
The Ant Lion Optimizer was based on the hunting mechanism of Ant-lions in nature.