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Synonyms for anteater

toothless mammal of southern Africa and Asia having a body covered with horny scales and a long snout for feeding on ants and termites

nocturnal burrowing mammal of the grasslands of Africa that feeds on termites

small Australian marsupial having long snout and strong claws for feeding on termites

a burrowing monotreme mammal covered with spines and having a long snout and claws for hunting ants and termites

a burrowing monotreme mammal covered with spines and having a long snout and claws for hunting ants and termites

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The Scaly ant-eater (Manis crassicaudata) is one of the four extant pangolin species found in Asia (IUCN, 2008).
The Scaly ant-eater naturally occurs in low population densities and prefers forested environments (Gaudin et al.
Study Design: In the start of the current study, surveillance surveys were conducted on a double Cabin motor vehicle, four wheel drive (average speed 10-30 Km/h) in natural, wild areas of the park to explore potential habitat of the Scaly ant-eater (Manis crassicaudata).
Distribution: The distribution of the Scaly ant-eater in the Margalla Hills National Park was determined thorough surveys of the park on motor vehicle at slow speed, by walking along different trails, and also through questionnaire survey from local residents.
Abundance estimates: The abundance of Scaly ant-eater in the park was estimated by using indirect method of counts of its permanent, active living burrows.
Vegetation analysis: Vegetation in the park at selected sites was analyzed by quantifying tree, shrub and herb species and analyzing an association between specific vegetation type and the activity of the Scaly ant-eater.
Phyto-associations: Whether the Scaly ant-eater prefers for any particular vegetation species in the study area, the location of its feeding and permanent burrows, and the existence of ants and termites colonies were recorded below and around the various vegetation species available in the habitat.
Distribution of scaly ant-eater: The scaly ant-eater wash found having a patchy distribution in the MHNP Islamabad, it occurred at various elevations including at site-I (Malpur) near Rawal Lake, site-II (Phalwari), site- III ( Gandian valley), site-IV (Talhar village), around Rumli stream, Shadara valley, Ratta Hottar, Bari Imam area and site-VI (Shah-Allah-Ditta) area in the park (Fig.
Well, he was certainly funnelling around for a long time, grubbing about like a sort of ant-eater.
Walking through the zoo, he points to ant-eaters, which get through around a tonne of meal worms a year or seals, pelicans, penguins or dolphins which rely on frozen herring from the Netherlands.
Constantly changing water levels make this a highly productive ecosystem, supporting thousands of species of plants and animals including giant ant-eaters, jaguars, caimans, alligators, migratory birds, macaws, maned wolves, ocelots and giant otters.
In June, a Nigerian couple were jailed for four months for offering meat from monkeys, lions, ant-eaters and snakes at their shop in Dalston, East London.