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a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest

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In this chapter, present the proposed system of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) used to detect the misbehaving (selfish, incapable) nodes in MANET and exclude them from path selection.
Many studies have shown that honeydew of various hemipterans can support ant colony growth (Porter 1989; Davidson et al.
This program sets pedestrian routing diversions in VISSIM according to the work zone schedules derived from ant colony optimization.
The article is presented as following: The second section is the review of literature, third section introduces the fuzzy system construct and fourth section explains the rules for improving the fuzzy rules using the Ant Colony algorithm.
The Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) metaheuristic is a bio-inspired approach for hard combinatorial optimization problems for stationary and non-stationary environments.
If an ant colony is small, foragers wander about randomly and, even if some of the ants discover food, no trail persists.
The monotony of the ant colony is broken for Z when he meets a beautiful young ant in the bar one evening.
Human caused disturbances that leave soil exposed also favor fire ant colony founding (Allen et al.
The second part describes the ant colony optimization metaheuristic and illustrates its capabilities on different constraint satisfaction problems.
The optimal gain values of PID controller using Ant Colony Optimization technique with Integral Time Absolute Error (ITAE) cost function is given in Table 1.
2005: An improved method for fast and efficient fire ant colony separation, pp.
Their topics include designing and optimizing microwave circuits and devices with particle swarm optimizer, a particle swarm optimization algorithm in reconfigurable radiators and cancer detection as case studies of electromagnetics, the optimal design and characterization of fiber amplifiers doped with rare earths, using swarm intelligence for optimizing parameters in approximations of fractional-order operators, and the nondestructive analysis of dielectric bodies by means of an ant colony optimization method.
Among specific topics are the probabilistic analysis of finite strain consolidation with a stochastic soil compression index and hydraulic conductivity, large physical modeling to optimize the geometrical conditions of geotextile in reinforced loose sand, the ant colony optimization algorithm for the vertical alignment of highways, the non-destructive impedance spectroscopy measurement for soil characteristics, and solving the problems of differential settlement of pavement structures in the Bangkok area.
In those cases, when an army ant colony loses its queen, its workers are absorbed, not killed, by neighboring colonies, and within days are treated as part of the family.
Abstract: This paper presents solution of optimal power flow (OPF) problem of medium-sized power systems via an ant colony optimisation (ACO) metaheuristic method.