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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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ANSWERPHONE This original song written by Nicky and Paul Barry shows he's not going to be a stool-singing ballad man.
But when the surgery called her back and left a message on her answerphone Aimi, 37, says she could clearly hear the staff mocking her appearance.
The star had a spectacular fall from grace when he left lewd messages - along with Russell Brand - on the answerphone of veteran actor Andrew Sachs.
INTRIGUED by the case of Marc Scaife - the hapless Labour Parliamentary candidate for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, currently being investigated by the party in respect of a foul-mouthed answerphone message which has made its way onto YouTube.
She said: "I left a long rambling message on his answerphone, but it turned out he'd made his mind up.
THE answerphone message on the Melwood switchboard says the following.
The At Home Talk and Web Box has been unveiled by Vodafone Germany, offering Internet surfing and low-cost phone calls, cable free printing and an answerphone function for teleworkers, freelancers, small enterprises and private individuals.
Downing Street staff had to leave four messages on his answerphone before he eventually took a break from the festivities and called them back.
The couple, from Kidderminster, Worcs, were ordered to remove the trinkets in an answerphone message two days later.
All New Video has also entered into a contract with another major European 3G operator to supply Video Answerphone services, based on the RADVISION-powered network, to that carrier's 3G customers.
Answerphone will be released on March 10, a week before the X Factor finalist's album In the Arms of an Angel, through RCA.
BWJ, Gateshead * HURRAH for Fenwick, what a joy it is to telephone this major city store and speak directly and instantly to a real person rather than a robotic answerphone that tries to guess why you're ringing with multiple options, even in some cases giving you more options after you've chosen one
He did not make specific reference to it, but the Corporation has been criticised for the scandal that saw Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand leaving obscene messages on actor Andrew Sachs's answerphone that were then broadcast on Radio 2.
The star had a spectacular fall from grace over the "Sachsgate" affair in which he left lewd messages - along with Russell Brand - on the answerphone of veteran actor Andrew Sachs.