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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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AudioCodes, a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies, today announced that their Answering Machine Detection algorithms, included in their Mediant Media Gateways and Enterprise Session Border Controller products, have successfully completed extensive testing by Genesys On Demand Services and excelled in all performance criteria.
Facilities Director Gerardo Castro hopes to see more televisions, radios and answering machines coming his way.
For best results, Kavazanjian advises retailers to merchandise the product with pagers, rather than with answering machines, where he believes the whole point of the product would be lost.
The most essential items sought by home-business owner--after their PCs--are a fax machine, desktop copier, answering machine and cordless telephone.
Some types of electronic equipment, such as telephone answering machines or video cassette recorders connected to a cable network, are grounded in two different places.
With AMD on, once we receive this answer bit, the DCP listens for the presence of voice and the presence of silence to determine if it's a live person or an answering machine.
This company makes calls during the day, when most people aren't around,'' Cohen said, to increase the odds that answering machines would pick up the calls.
In April, PhoneMate, which introduced its first commercial answering machine back in 1971, reported that it would be doing business as Casio PhoneMate Inc.
And don't put on your answering machine, `I'll be away for three weeks,' '' Vitelli added.
As manufacturers of tape-driven telephone answering machines vie for a piece of the shrinking market, prices of these most basic devices are being driven lower than many suppliers like.
PhoneMate has concentrated on answering machines and phones--both corded and cordless-integrated with answerers.
In prior years, she said, the entire line consisted of telephone answering systems with integrated answering machines.
It prevents RF interference that can degrade voiceband quality, reduce broadband data rates, trigger answering machines and cause modem connection failures, thus ensuring fast data downloads and clear telephone voice quality when the DSL modem is in use.
The products are stand-alone telephone answering machines and mobile phones for permanent installation in vehicles.