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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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The telecoms regulator also limits the number of automated calls that can be made to a customer's answering machine within 24 hours.
Saverino amusingly recalled the first year the organization used the system and decided to drop the messages on answering machines the day before the event started.
One in three households have a cellular phone, and two-fifths have an answering machine.
Messages on answering machines, faxes, letters, and computer e-mail messages provide useful resources to build a case against the offender.
STAFF at the Government's flagship NHS helpline pretended to be answering machines because they couldn't cope with the number of calls.
Answering machines are like Univacs in an era of Pentiums.
(You'll need to subscribe to your local phone company's voice mail service.) Unfortunately Hotcall 2000 is not compatible with answering machines, so the only way you can screen your calls is to actually answer the phone.
Also included are high-performance voice compression for digital answering machines, full support for three-way calls, integrated Caller ID algorithms and DTMF detection allowing remote control of an answering machine.
Other equipment potentially at risk includes answering machines, fax machines, pagers, telephone switches, voice mail systems, copiers and printers, to name a few.
Other works on the program were the premiere of Jadilyn Pugh's A Requiem, a lovely, flowing dance about the healing power of faith in the face of grief; Mary Jo Smet's 1990 Mixed Messages, a wry commentary on life with answering machines; and the final premiere, Kokopelli, by Pugh and Heppner-Gamble, which drew inspiration from that Native American spirit, here represented by a metal sculpture onstage.
Yet the vast majority of answering machines on the market use such two-digit codes.
For best results, Kavazanjian advises retailers to merchandise the product with pagers, rather than with answering machines, where he believes the whole point of the product would be lost.
I went to the April meeting, ate ribs, and asked the congregation if any one of them knew telephone answering machines. I explained the problem.
Although many companies now market some form of autoswitch device, manufacturers of FAX and telephone answering machines gradually are recognizing the advantage of building this type of autoswitch capability into their newest machines.
The modern home is crammed with electronic gear--personal computers, sophisticated stereo systems, telephone answering machines, video cassette recorders.