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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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So these days when the answer machine springs into life and then goes quiet, I rub my hands and think ''gotcha matey''.
An added bonus of doing it this way is that once the cold caller to the answer machine, they have to pay for the call.
I wrote to the club about this, asking for the answer machine to be updated.
Just on the off chance I had left a message on the answer machine of her old number.
Q: Is it true that dialers using DSPs for answer machine detection are incapable of complying with the latest predictive dialing legislation?
What you get Digital sound quality with answer machine, 160 hours standby time, 20 hours talk time, hands-free speaker, allows you to retrieve messages when you're not at home,10 number redial list
Bell & Howell Co.'s Information and Learning business unit has announced that Susan Feldman has won its annual Excellence In Writing award for her article "The Answer Machine," which appeared in the January 2000 issue of Searcher magazine (see http://www.infotoday.comjsearcher/jan00/feldman.htm).
pounds A FREE telephone answer machine or pounds 30 worth of Argos premier points are on offer to anyone who opens an Alliance current account before March 29.
I only got a answer machine because I was being plagued by hoax calls.
With the show, Russell has marked his return to radio after the Andrew Sachs scandal when he and Jonathan Ross left an offensive message on the actor's answer machine.
But our boss left a message on Dougie's answer machine at two o'clock telling him he better get his butt to the ground sharpish as it was NEXT WEEK his suspension began.
Hanks - who will record an answer machine message for the winner - has teamed up with eBay GivingWorks and the auction runs to next Wednesday.
She added: "If you can't make it to the surgery you can always leave a message on the Community Action Team answer machine on 0845 458 6373."
Anyone who would like to go should call 0121 711 2955 and register their interest by leaving their details on an answer machine.
In fact, when a customer turns answer machine detect (AMD) on, we use DSP to determine if it's an answering machine or not and then route to an agent in under two seconds.