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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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I wrote to the club about this, asking for the answer machine to be updated.
Q: Is it true that dialers using DSPs for answer machine detection are incapable of complying with the latest predictive dialing legislation?
What you get Digital sound quality with answer machine, 160 hours standby time, 20 hours talk time, hands-free speaker, allows you to retrieve messages when you're not at home,10 number redial list
90 -- Standard voicemail answer machine with speakerphone -- Call Alert/Call Screening
PEOPLE who phoned to help a Nuneaton charity from possible closure are being urged to call again after messages were accidentally wiped off an answer machine.
In addition to push button access, consumers can instantly see if they have voice or fax messages waiting via a message indicator light, providing a more robust and easy to use message system than a dedicated telephone answer machine.