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the Babylonian father of the gods

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First the gods Lahmu and Lahamu are born, and then Anshar and Kishar, and then Anu and Nudimmud, and so on.
At the time, / after I had made the statue of Anshar, king of all the great gods, creator of himself, / father of the great gods, who had grown to physical maturity in Apsu ...
Lingfield maiden winner Carousing (2.15) has more scope than most of his rivals although Luminant and Anshar will make sure it is not a stroll in the park.
From their union sprang two obscure gods of the deep, Lahmu and Lahamu, who in turn gave birth to Anshar and Kishar.
Ea and Anu were both quickly routed, but Anshar sent Marduk to fight Tiamat.
The terrorists, identified as Montosh Dey (46), and two Bangladeshi nationals - Sanshad Miya (26) and Rizaul Islam (25), are all members of Anshar Bangla Team, a banned terrorist outfit in Bangladesh and other countries.
Indonesian Consul General Zakaria Anshar along with a team of senior officials held a meeting with Saudi authorities to sort out this issue, whereby it was agreed upon to allow the stranded Indonesian workers to return back home, after clearing paper formalities, such as immigration clearance and establishing a transportation plan.
The website's address is and the title is Anshar el-Muslimin, or Young Muslims.
He added that on Sunday Indonesian Consul General Zakaria Anshar held talks with Muhammad bin Ahmad Tayyib, director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs branch in Makkah region, in Haj City in Jeddah's old airport.