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an Italian who was a Benedictine monk

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Justice Anselm ruled the police's action to keep Kamarulnizam in the Seberang Prai police station lock-up for two days despite the court order to send him to the Tapah Prison on March 3 as unlawful detention.
St Anselm's Catholic Primary School replaces Whitefriars School as the highest-ranking school in Harrow -- though last year's winner remains one of the best in the area.
Craig attempted to use a cricket bat to deal with the intruders while wearing only his boxer shorts in the Anselm's that life was it was to be chose to him and the was horror raid on January 9, 2009.
TD Bank's Education, Not-for-Profit and Government Finance Group has announced it has closed a USD 61.1 million tax-exempt direct purchase bond deal with Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, the company said.
Anselm, she claims, held that while humans are creatures wholly dependent on God, nevertheless, God created reasoning creatures in his image, which includes the ability to participate in creation.
If Anselm were alive, he might protest that such a song honors neither God's love nor God's justice.
In the pages of "Your Light Gives Us Hope: 24 Daily Practices for Advent", Anselm Grun (a German Benedictine monk, Cellerar of Munsterschwarzach Abbey) offers a daily reader of very simple and often quite direct Advent reflections.
TWO teenage athletes from St Anselm's College in Birkenhead starred for Great Britain at the European Catholic Schools Games.
its protagonist: "Anselm is dead." The speaker is Stahl; as
Synopsis: Anselm Kiefer (born 8 March 1945) is a German painter and sculptor.
His thought comes mostly out of the medieval Christian contemplative tradition, especially Nicolas of Cusa and Anselm, although he also reaches back to Plato and the ancient Greek understanding of theoria, as well as forward to thinkers such as Pierre Hadot, Jean-Luc Marion, William Desmond, and some contemporary philosophers of religion.
-- Eighty-three nursing majors received their nurse's pin at Saint Anselm College's 2014 ceremony on April 26.
Anselm (1033-1109) have been written about so often, and written about so well, that one despairs of saying anything new about them.
1, Saint Anselm College welcomed a new chair to its board of trustees.