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an Italian who was a Benedictine monk

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Anselm offers not a detached argument for the existence of God but rather describes the journey of a person of prayer who begins with "faith seeking understanding" and ends with contemplative enjoyment (89).
It is Anselm himself who is to blame for a certain inaccessibility.
The pinning ceremony is a celebration of the students' completion of Saint Anselm College's respected nursing program and symbolizes preparedness to serve as a compassionate caregiver in the healthcare setting.
Toward the end of the Monologion, in seven remarkably rich sections that commentators have passed over in silence, Anselm explores the subject of immortality from a purely philosophical perspective, without appealing to the truths of Revelation or invoking the authority of Scripture.
A senior executive in the financial services industry, this Saint Anselm graduate has served the college for many years, as a donor, Alumni Council member and, since 2007, as a trustee.
There are two principles of interreligious dialogue that may be extracted from Merton's study of Anselm, both rooted in Barth's explicitly stated theological methodology.
There are several major atonement proposals in this hook that would replace the Anselm doctrine.
Advising students to benefit from the large showcase, Anselm said a special educational catalogue would be made available for visitors attending GETEX.
Anselm Kiefer, who was born in Germany in 1945, is one of the world's most famous contemporary artists.
This special event coincides with a major exhibition by German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer which opens at the Gateshead Centre for Contemporary Art on the same day.
Most contemporary analytic philosophers know Anselm of Canterbury primarily through the famous ontological argument of his Proslogion.
Judith Hodson-Walker branded brothers Christopher and Declan Morrisey and Anselm Ribera "mindless dregs" and "soulless entities.
We've tried and tried to talk to them," said Kevin Anselm, the consumer and business services department's chief enforcement officer.
Anselm College, Charles Gibson, the moderator, expressed his concerns at proposals by Barack Obama and John Edwards to raise the cap on payroll taxes on income above $100,000.
and former White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey also joined the New Hampshire leaders for the launch of Impact '08 in New Hampshire: Building a Better, Safer World at Saint Anselm College.