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an Italian who was a Benedictine monk

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If Anselm were alive, he might protest that such a song honors neither God's love nor God's justice.
Since God is good through himself, and not through any other source, she has Anselm arguing: "The purpose of freedom is that we should be able to imitate God not just by being good, but by being good from ourselves.
Knowing immediately what we do of Anselm, we know as well the first
The work of Anselm Kiefer begins with a crucial question: how, after the Holocaust, can one be an artist within the German tradition?
Anselm offers not a detached argument for the existence of God but rather describes the journey of a person of prayer who begins with "faith seeking understanding" and ends with contemplative enjoyment (89).
El padre Anselm quiere llevar al lector a vivir el espiritu de la Cuaresma como un tiempo especial.
The pinning ceremony is a celebration of the students' completion of Saint Anselm College's respected nursing program and symbolizes preparedness to serve as a compassionate caregiver in the healthcare setting.
Toward the end of the Monologion, in seven remarkably rich sections that commentators have passed over in silence, Anselm explores the subject of immortality from a purely philosophical perspective, without appealing to the truths of Revelation or invoking the authority of Scripture.
What sort of unique challenges, if any, does being the first non-monk president of Saint Anselm College present?
Anselm, but ha[d] done perhaps more than any other one man to stimulate study and discussion of Anselm in the twentieth century.
This excellent collection of essays and reprints has one major purpose: to offer alternatives to the Anselm doctrine of atonement.
Speaking with Khaleej Times, Anselm Godinho, Managing Director, International Conferences & Exhibitions (IC&E), organisers of the event said, "Students in most Asian schools complete their final exams by April and our objective is to provide them with a platform to know about the range of programmes on offer, both locally and internationally.
The massive canvas by celebrated German artist Anselm Kiefer features a flotilla of lead ships.
This special event coincides with a major exhibition by German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer which opens at the Gateshead Centre for Contemporary Art on the same day.
Most contemporary analytic philosophers know Anselm of Canterbury primarily through the famous ontological argument of his Proslogion.