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Of the 568 households in Petite Anse and 357 in Cerca Carvajal, 511 (91%, 95% CI 87%-93%) and 335 (93%, 95% CI 89%-96%), respectively, were aware of the 2013 OCV campaign.
Sentence-level depiction of how often Addie refers to herself (bottom row), Anse, and her children over the course of her monologue.
But the Anse Bundren we meet some thirty years later, when his wife lies on her death bed, is a different and broken man.
Although devoted to the animal, he allows Anse to trade it to Snopes for a badly needed team of mules.
As the Rangers were boarding the assault helicopters for the move to Grand Anse, the helicopters came under small-arms fire from the bush.
You could easily be tempted to spend all your days lazing on a sun-kissed beach - there are two other equally perfect powder-white examples at the resort - Petite Anse Kerlan is perfect for swimming and snorkelling, while Anse Georgette is named as one of the top ten best beaches in the world.
At the dramatic center of the journey to Jefferson is the intense and relatively lengthy depiction of the river crossing, a mock heroic battle fought and won, not without severe losses, by the three eldest sons, Cash, Darl, and Jewel, with additional help from neighbor Tull, and with encouragement on the outer banks of the river from father Anse, sister Dewey Dell, and baby brother Vardaman.
AnSE version will add a fully automatic roof, front foglights, heated door mirrors, on-board computer and windscreen washer jets.
2) At least part of that story is the demonstration of Addie's influence on her sons, her training of them to fight the patriarchal world view embraced and exemplified by their father, Anse.
For sheer romance, it's a toss-up between Coconut's located at Grande Anse Beach, and La Belle Creole at the Blue Horizons Resort, which features a breathtaking view of the palm-studded hillside.
Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, head of the civil protection agency, said the storm also made roads impassable and knocked out communications in the Grand Anse department, on the opposite side of the narrow peninsula from where Matthew first hit.
Grenada could soon see the construction of three five-star resorts along the coast of the world famous Grand Anse beach, reports Caribbean News Now (Sept.
Dewey Dell and Anse observe an unsettling distance in his eyes, which are "full of the land all the time" (36).
As we read on, we learn that Addie already knew that Anse had a "house and a good farm" (p.
LEUVEN, Belgium -- Sterigenics International, the world's leading provider of contract sterilization services for the medical device industry, has completed the expansion of its Ethylene Oxide (EO) processing facility in Anse, France.