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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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Still the ansaphone. When it whirrs into action you speak calmly once again: please.
When the ansaphone comes on you put down the receiver.
Porter, owner of Ansaphone Service Inc., on behalf of the Association of Telemessaging Services International; and Kent Stuckey, general counsel, CompuServe Inc.
This week he announced that in a bid to make money for a new album, he'd record an ansaphone message for fans (that's pounds 20) or perhaps write them a song (that's pounds 150) or play a house gig (at pounds 500 that seems a little expensive, Dave).
Not only does he have to squeeze the name, business address and company logo on to a bit of card, but now is being asked to cram on direct lines, switchboard number, mobile phone numbers, e-mail address, web site, fax number, 24-hour Ansaphone number and pager number.
Certainly the growth in the management and output of'information' since the dawn of the 'TV age' and on into the 'ansaphone age' would need to be controlled for.
It can't be adapted to an Ansaphone and its ring is so loud it drowns out the traffic in Regent's Park.
Instead we got Donna Vego, whose boyfriend announced his departure with a message on her ansaphone.
It started with an ansaphone, then call waiting because it was free, then a mobile phone because I couldn't work out how to turn on call waiting.
The company sells new and used telecoms equipment - ordinary telephones, cordless phones, fax machines, ansaphones, even small switchboard systems.