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French dramatist noted for his reinterpretations of Greek myths (1910-1987)


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Jean Anouilh, Antigone, translated by Lewis Galantiere (London: Methuen, 2000).
It was a joy to him to awaken young minds to the magnificence of the ancient dramas, and to help them to explore, from first to third year, the great Nachlebung that Greek theatre has acquired through the centuries, from Anouilh and Goethe to Hofmannsthal and O'Neill, and more recently, various African playwrights.
Alongside an exhibition of the artist/designer's work at the Alcazar Municipal Library, it was a touching tribute to someone who worked closely with Anouilh for almost 40 years.
The playwright, who is often associated with absurdist existential dramas and blighted domsetic relationships, refers to Seascape as "an optimistic play, a rose play, as Jean Anouilh would have said.
4) Ook in Suid-Afrika was daar verskeie nuwe opvoerings van Medea-dramas: SUKOVS se weergawe van Euripides se tragedie, die Medea-alleenspraak van Dieter Reible, (5) Demea deur Guy Butler (1990), (6) die Jazzart-geselskap se Medea, (7) Medeia-Ballade van Ben DeHaeck, Marthinus Basson se produksie van Tom Lanoye se Mamma Medea, 'n Afrikaanse vertaling van Anouilh se Medee (1961) en Brett Bailey se medEia.
Director and drama department head Janie Prucha said this version of the play, interpreted by French playwright Jean Anouilh, is set during the Nazi occupation of France, giving students a unique perspective on the story of persecution.
There followed in time major work by Anouilh and Claudel, as well as the international interest exemplified by Brecht and Shaw.
Jean Anouilh, French playwright (1910-1987), in Antigone
The wide-spread, if uneven reception of Pirandello, explains, for Orsini, why French dramatists, from Anouilh and Ionesco, to Genet and Beckett, remained profoundly indebted to Pirandello.
The second half of Witt's book is devoted to such French authors as Maulnier, Drieu de la Rochelle, Brasillach, Montherlant, and Anouilh, who were all attracted by the aesthetic and, simultaneously, the political power of the tragic, while rejecting the vulgar mass phenomena associated with fascism.
En plus des grands Shakespeare, Corneille, Racine, Moliere, Goldoni, Claudel et Gheon, le public quebecois decouvre un repertoire moderne, entre autres Antigone de Jean Anouilh, L 'honneur de Dieu de Pierre Emmanuel et La menagerie de verre de Tenessee William.
Funny, clever and moving, this new translation of the Jean Anouilh play is a 'must see'.
The French playwright Jean Anouilh liked to categorize his plays as "pink" or "black," and it is a characterization that might be well applied to Taylor.
I), George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Francois Villon, Jean Anouilh, Verdi, Maxwell Anderson, Victor Fleming and actress Ingrid Bergman -- and like the 15th century peasants, soldiers and nobles who remade her image according to their own hopes, ambitions, voices and visions -- we are free to fill in what is lacking in the historical portrait and to find in her what we want.
Theatrical talents such as Jean Giraudoux and Jean Anouilh, and poet Jean Cocteau, turned their efforts to the cinema as well, often with notable success.