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absence of an orgasm in sexual relations

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Remember eva mitocondriala si cu incubul orb ingenunchiat intre pulpele--i groase, sub nimb fisurat anorgasmic!--idem teoria dublei seminte.
Anorgasmic women are able to enjoy sex for feeling desired, emotionally connected and pleasing their partners.
Seven patients reported vaginismus, and four reported being anorgasmic, he said.
She experiences significant dyspareunia, is unable to use vaginal tampons, and is anorgasmic.
Legislation to prohibit the distribution of the device in several states has been combated by arguments that have overwhelmingly emphasized the vibrator's efficacy as a therapeutic tool for anorgasmic women and women with other sexual "dysfunctions." This section posits that these defense strategies legally legitimate vibrators solely as medical tools.
Women won't be liberated until one in three feels free to say to a prospective partner, 'By the way, I'm anorgasmic. Will that be a problem for you?' If he's polite he'll say, 'Not at all'.
In brief, women avoid revealing or discussing their dysorgasmic or anorgasmic problems and so suffer without relief (Bolayir & Kelami, 2004, 318).