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With an increasing number of anonymous proxy sites now being access via HTTPS, the latest version of Tru-View Technology is now also able to identify and block these in real-time offering enhanced protection against anonymous proxies and allow IT managers to continue to provide a secure environment.
Compounding the problem is the relative ease in which online predators can utilize anonymous proxy servers, many of which are free and located in other countries.
Online users who do not want anyone to trace them use an anonymous proxy server.
The program's unique proxy pattern blocking keeps users away from sites that offer free anonymous proxy services and prevents them from bypassing the filter if they try to use unencrypted web and client-based proxies.
Along with anonymous proxy blocking and policy management, Version 7 has easier navigation and gives network administrators control over their Internet data stream.
Web-based Proxies/ Anonymizers: Sites that offer free anonymous proxy services, ie, anonymizer.
Merchants can minimize those losses by taking preventive measures, such as comparing IP addresses to ascertain the distance between the person ordering the goods and the billing address of the online buyer, noting whether a free e-mail address was used, and checking for the use of anonymous proxy servers.
This program, which allows surfers to view sites while concealing their identities by going through an anonymous proxy server, has been a boon to the Iranian students.
Network Composer is uniquely positioned for anonymous proxy control compared to traditional web filtering solutions because it scans the packet payload across all ports and protocols to identify traffic and apply policy whereas others can only identify known URLs.
There are more than 100,000 registered anonymous proxy sites.
And unlike other filters on the market, 8e6's filter enables proxy pattern blocking, a unique method of blocking all user attempts to bypass the filter via the Web's many anonymous proxy sites.