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Ling, "Anonymous proxy re-encryption," Security and Communication Networks, vol.
By coupling this with some tunneling, VPN or anonymous proxy, you could probably outsmart management.
In addition to Exinda's leading encrypted application detection, ExOS 5.4 incorporates the anonymous proxy detection that was introduced with the 5.3 version of Exinda's software.
* Executing mass attacks through automated software--To gain unauthorized access into applications, dealers input email addresses and usernames as well as upload lists of anonymous proxy addresses into specialized software, the same way consumers upload addresses to distribute holiday cards.
And he warned that the use of anonymous proxy servers would not hide anyone's identities.
The firewall is far from watertight and many Internet users get around it with relatively simple technology, including anonymous proxy servers that cloak a user s identity.
With an increasing number of anonymous proxy sites now being access via HTTPS, the latest version of Tru-View Technology is now also able to identify and block these in real-time offering enhanced protection against anonymous proxies and allow IT managers to continue to provide a secure environment.
So when testing a new resource, start off with the new resource URL with the proxy information prepended into the anonymous proxy. If you can reach the full text after logging into the proxy via your anonymous connection, you know your proxy server is doing the job properly.