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Synonyms for anonymous

Synonyms for anonymous

having an unknown name or author

Synonyms for anonymous

having no known name or identity or known source



not known or lacking marked individuality

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Mr Bussey was left fuming by the anonymous post, which seemed to be from a dissatisfied client and stated to the world that 'he loses 80 per cent of his cases.
A NEW anonymous post box scheme is to be introduced to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Walsall.
In the first, he relays an anonymous post to his Web site in which someone claiming to be a former funeral home worker writes that the smell of the cremated human flesh from an obese man reminded him of the smell inside a McDonald's.
There's lots of good content in the newsgroups, and I know of no other place on the Net where you can get immediate answers in such a cooperative and knowledgeable environment," said an anonymous post.
The Labour Party is calling for stronger action against race hate groups and demands the closure of anonymous post office boxes and websites being used for recruitment and fund-raising activities in Ireland.
Run from an anonymous post office box in Brighton, Schnews gives the latest news on direct-action events all over the country.
An anonymous post made on Wednesday threatened a mass killing spree across Warren County saying: "My father has three guns.
The contentious anonymous post said only in Cyprus was it possible for someone like Droushiotis to live: "Only in Cyprus is it possible for collaborators, whores and brownnosers of the conqueror (and the nobody in question is all of the above) to peddle their garbage.
An anonymous post read: "A whole load of joy and happiness is in the world thanks to Karen.
It asked for recent photos to be sent to an anonymous post box account in nearby upmarket Westbury-on-Trym.
Consider the following anonymous post on a message board on the Internet site www.
In austere post-war Britain spam became ubiquitous, and in 1994 an anonymous post to a Usenet bulletin board drew a parallel between the fast proliferating use of email for uninvited mail shots and the famous Monty Python sketchabout a cafe in which the tasty product came with everything.
Bortel, without identifying the original authors name or the fact that he was under a SEC cease and desist order at the time of his anonymous post and that a second SEC investigation was triggered by this same article.