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Synonyms for anonymous

Synonyms for anonymous

having an unknown name or author

Synonyms for anonymous

having no known name or identity or known source



not known or lacking marked individuality

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The contentious anonymous post said only in Cyprus was it possible for someone like Droushiotis to live: "Only in Cyprus is it possible for collaborators, whores and brownnosers of the conqueror (and the nobody in question is all of the above) to peddle their garbage.
An anonymous post read: "A whole load of joy and happiness is in the world thanks to Karen.
It asked for recent photos to be sent to an anonymous post box account in nearby upmarket Westbury-on-Trym.
Consider the following anonymous post on a message board on the Internet site www.
A NEW anonymous post box scheme is to be introduced to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Walsall.
In austere post-war Britain spam became ubiquitous, and in 1994 an anonymous post to a Usenet bulletin board drew a parallel between the fast proliferating use of email for uninvited mail shots and the famous Monty Python sketchabout a cafe in which the tasty product came with everything.
Use the hashtags #OpUSA, #OpIsrael and #FreedomInWorld to see all the Anonymous posts on social media.
Even anonymous posts or those using a pseudonym are not considered to be safe, as the APSC noted that there might be enough information online to determine if a person is a public servant.
New with the Connections release is the ability to develop relationships with other PhatChat users through common interests tied to profiles, though this feature does not affect anonymous posts.
The Internet has erupted with hatred: The prosecutor general has ordered an investigation of anonymous posts recommending that Poland reopen Auschwitz and send refugees there.
2d at 761-62 (describing anonymous posts relating to reported accounting and operational problems).
Three anonymous posts in February to a Facebook page called "WPI Confessions'' described instances of women having consensual sex with an unnamed fraternity member and then having ice, water or pudding thrown on them by other fraternity members who burst into the room.
It's a tussle between safeguarding freedom of speech and preventing irresponsible and anarchic content from anonymous posts that could do harm.