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highly penetrating ionizing radiation of extraterrestrial origin

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Because the bulk of the termination shock would still have been quite a distance away, however, the spacecraft wouldn't have encountered a large upturn in the abundance of anomalous cosmic rays. That scenario is consistent with McDonald's finding.
The discovery that anomalous cosmic rays can be generated from material in the Kuiper belt provides a new tool for gauging the composition and mass of this relic from the solar system's formation, Schwadron says.--R.C.
The scientists believe this collection of ions is a trapped form of so-called anomalous cosmic rays. Unusual because of their composition and charge, such rays are born in a complex process that starts outside the solar system in the interstellar medium, which contains debris from supernovas, remnants of the Big Bang, and other matter.
There they hit a magnetic shock wave that energizes them and forms the anomalous cosmic rays, some of which head toward Earth.
During the three-year study, the detectors will measure the composition of anomalous cosmic rays, charged particles thought to originate in the gas between stars.
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