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Anoectochilus formosanus Hayata (Orchidaceae), a species endemic to Taiwan, has been traditionally used in herbal medicine for patients with hypertension, DM, pulmonary tuberculosis, and nephritis (Tseng et al.
Higher yielding isolation of kinsenoside in Anoectochilus and its antihyperliposis effect.
Pharmacologically active compounds in the Anoectochilus and Goodyera species.
Anoectochilus formosanus is mostly cultivated in Asia, and is a popular traditional medicine for the treatment of cancer (Shyur et al.
Induction of apoptosis in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells by phytochemicals from Anoectochilus formosanus.
anoectchila from Anoectochilus roxburghii and fungi in six other genera were able to stimulate seed germination of G.
Investigation on the isolation of mycorrhizal fungi from Anoectochilus roxburghii and its biological activity.
Keywords: Anoectochilus formosanus Airway hyperresponsiveness Treg Th1/Th2
The species Anoectochilus formosanus Hayata (1)) is very precious in the Taiwanese folk medicine market because of its diverse pharmacological effects.
Keywords: Anoectochilus formosanus; In vivo antitumoral and immunostimulating activity
The genus Anoectochilus (Orchidaceae), comprising more than 35 species in the world, is a perennial herb.
Keywords: Anoectochilus formosanus; Carbon tetrachloride; Liver cirrhosis; Glutathione
Anoectochilus formosanus (AFE) Hayata (Orchidaceae) is one of the original plants of crude drugs used as a folk remedy in Taiwan for liver cirrhosis, diabetes and for treatment of cardiovascular diseases (Kan, 1979).
We investigated the effects of maternal administration of Anoectochilus formosanus extract and dexamethasone on lung maturation in preterm rats.
Keywords: Anoectochilus formosanus: Glucocorticoid; Lung maturation; Surfactant