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thin-shelled freshwater mussels

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To quantify the sinuosity of travel, we calculated a meandering index by dividing the linear distance traveled by the total distance traveled (Hazlett, 1983) for Elimia livescens, Ligumia nasuta, and Anodonta grandis in removal experiments.
Identification of a V-type proton pump in the outer mantle epithelium of Anodonta cygnea.
KEY WORDS: scanning electronic microscopy, bivalve, shell structure, nacre, calcification, Anodonta cygnea
Faussek (1901) reported that Anodonta glochidia metamorphosed on larval tiger salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum ssp.
decussatus (Delgado & Perez-Camacho 2002), and Anodonta gabillotia pseudodopsis (Sereflisan et al.
In bivalves, symbioses with microalgae are found in two distinct groups: freshwater clams in the genus Anodonta (Unionidae) that harbor a symbiotic green alga (zoochlorella) (Goetsch and Scheuring, 1926; Pardy, 1980); and the giant clams and related clams that harbor zooxanthellae.
In several cases, species within the same unionid genus had similar hosts, as has been noted in Anodonta (Trdan and Hoeh, 1982), Ligumia (Lefevre and Curtis, 1912; Young, 1911; Stern and Felder, 1978) and Potamilis (Howard, 1913; Howard and Anson, 1923; Cummings and Mayer, 1993).
ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to determine at what level the shell mineralization of Anodonta eygnea, a shallow freshwater bivalve, is influenced by external physical-chemical factors, mainly concerning the habit and microstructure of the calcium carbonate crystals.
Also, in the freshwater mussel Anodonta californiensis, sulfate was observed in those parts of the mantle edge that correspond to the IME of B.
More recently, Lynn (1994) provided the first report of the ultrastructure of these structures in Anodonta grandis.
ABSTRACT This study describes the seasonal reproductive cycle, gonad structure, and sex ratio of the Anodonta gabillotia pseudodopsis.
Seven species were represented among the 10 unionids collected: Amblema plicata, Anodonta grandis (two specimens), Arcidens confragosus, Fusconaia ebena, F.