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Synonyms for Anodonta

thin-shelled freshwater mussels

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Age-, size-, and sex-specific infection of Anodonta piscinalis (Bivalvia: Unionidae) with Rhipidocotyle fennica (Digenea: Bucephalidae) and its influence on host reproduction.
1994 Genetic differentiation between two forms swan mussel, Anodonta woodiana, in Japan.
formosa) was positively phototactic in the absence of any chemical influence of its host mussel, Anodonta (now Pyganodon) cataracta, but exhibited negative phototaxis when tested in water containing extract of host gill tissue or in water from the mantle cavity of the host.
Identification of carotenoids in the freshwater shellfish unio douglasiae nipponensis, Anodonta lauto.
Similarly, a decrease of carbohydrate metabolism in stressed bivalves has also been described in previous reports in Anodonta cygnea [26] and R.
In addition, Lasmigona compressa, previously unknown in Kansas, was collected from a reach of the South Fork of the Big Nemaha River, and Anodonta suborbiculata last reported from northern Kansas by Scammon (1906) was recovered from Browning Lake on the Kansas-Missouri border in northeastern Kansas (Hoke, 1996, 2009).
1943 Clinostomum Micropterus Encysted on Venard, 1940 marginatum salmoides Gills Cotylaspis Anodonta grandis Gills, Heart, Najarian, insignis and others and Kidney 1955 Cotylogaster Aplodinotus Intestine Bangham & occidentals grunniens Venard, 1942 Crassiphiala Ceryle alcyon Intestine Harwood, ambloplitis 1936 Crepidostum Lepomis gulosus Intestine Venard, 1941 cooperi C.
Only one species, Anodonta suborbiculata, was found in this study that was not recorded in Howells' surveys of these sanctuaries (Table 1).
Notes on population density, age distribution, growth, and habitat of Anodonta piscinalis Nils.
Others (Uniomerus tetralasmus, Pyganodon grandis, Anodonta imbecillis, Ligumia subrostrata) were collected by Hartfield and Rummel "from oxbows or [were] found dead below oxbows draining into the river" (Hartfield and Rummel, 1985:119).
Pynnonen, Viability of Flochidia of Two Species of Anodonta Exposed to Low pH and Selected Metals, 70 CANADIAN J.